Tweaking Settings

I’ve seen a few posts now about getting the best settings for their sim experience. I built my PC, but I’ll be honest when it come to tweaking the settings I’m a little lost in where to start? This is my PC spec, so I would grateful if someone would advice on where to start or what settings is best to look at.

CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x (4.4ghz)
GPU: Palit GeForce 3060 12gb (boost clock 1777mhz)
RAM: 32GB 3200mhz (16gb x2)
MOTHERBOARD: Asus Prime x570-p

I have a not too disimilar system and have mine perfect @ 1920 x 1080 but I haven’t tuned for 4k since SU7 … 4k can look fantastic although don’t expect 200+ LODs on ultra settings.

Ryzen 7 3800x
Gigabyte rtx3060 12gb
NVme PCie4 500gb, NVme PCIe3 500gb
32GB G.Skill PC-3200 CL 14 @ 3600MHz (8gb x4, Samsung b’s)
MSI b550m pro-vdh wifi

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My tweaks

Unsure on AMD but I keep Multi-Threading - off (there are arguments for and against)

Gaming mode - Off
HAGS - Off (there are arguments for and against)

limit background and max frame rate to 30
I also select Power Management Mode and - Prefer Maximum Performance (there are arguments for and against)

Find the .exe for your install and disable full screen optimizations on the properties screen
Then I just go full ultra and turn up the things that aren’t up already more.
this should be fine for you machine at 1080p maybe ease back a little from going full at 1440p

Note: I use three screens for 5760x1080 so I do run my primary scaling at 80% but then I bump up the secondary to X 1.111121 in the user config file for a final sharp render of 6400x1200


Thanks for the tips Salem. I gave it a go yesterday and all seems to be good and smooth. The only thing I couldn’t do was the full screen optimization thing as I couldn’t find where to do it. Thanks anyway, big help :+1:

Sorry if you already have, but did you look at forums and the specific posts from @Grabber523

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