Two Spitfires incoming?

Looks like both FlyingIron Simulations and Aeroplane Heaven have nice looking Spitfires incoming? I guess competition/choices are good, but seems like a bit of wasted effort. Two Spitfires and no P-51? Maybe I missed a P-51. Anyone have opinions, expectations on these two?


I guess one is an early variant and the other a pretty late variant? I guess the die hard Spitfire fan will buy both?? :wink:

I will probably end up getting both. There should be quite a difference in handling and performance between the Mk1 and Mk9 . Plus, they pretty much had me at ‘Spitfire’. I’d like a Hurricane too!

Gotta have a Spit, but only one … mmmmmh, decisions, decisions! Cheers.

The Spitfire is a gorgeous classic. I’d have a hard time not getting one of these at some point if they are really well done. And they both look good. The Flyingiron previews show amazing cockpit details. Certainly going to wait for reviews on these two.

I still love a P-51 too! Strange I haven’t heard of anyone announcing one? Have I just missed one?

2 spitfires coming, and 2 stearmans… -yawn-
I guess every dev has to try and make the most iconic aircraft

I already have two excellent Spitfires in the sim - the Just Flight Spit 1A from the old Battle of Britain pack, and the RealAir Spitfire IX from their demo.

Both work like they were made for the sim :wink:

Don’t need to buy another one.

This is the JF Spit:

It’s just a little glossy on the external textures finish.

Their Hurricane also works beautifully…

I’m going to try the Mustang shortly - not got so much time for ‘playing’ with this stuff these days.

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This comes with a WIP disclaimer but this is the FlyingIron Simulations MSFS Spitfire MKIXc cockpit


grimey…I likey…

DC Designs is also working on a Spitfire for MSFS, native model and gauges.

Probably 3… I know A2A is itching to get their stuff in. If their Spitfire makes it here, there won’t be a need for another, that’s for sure.

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Most are different models so they probably can co-exist all fine. :slight_smile:
Another sneak peak at the FlyingIron Simulations one

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Do they work with modern flight model? Cockpit instruments and everything?

Just so you know we have a P-40B incoming for MSFS. Full native model etc etc. Announcement here:


It looks phenomenal! Especially that chrome second one!

“DC Designs is also working on a Spitfire for MSFS, native model and gauges.”

Are you sure? I keep a pretty close eye on their announcements and I haven’t seen anything about that?

Your P-40 looks great, can’t wait to see the final result, but IIRC it is not the only P-40 for MSFS in development.

And yet… I can’t get a Beaver to save my life! (Yes, there’s two that will probably come eventually, one for free even, but seems like it’s going to be a long, long wait.) And no P-51 announced that I’ve seen?

Anyways, I’ll certainly give serious consideration to your P-40 when it’s out!

@LeprechaunLive :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

I have no doubt Leprechaun’s Beaver will be amazing, what’s been shown looks great. But it is on hold for at least the immediate future. I mean, hell, I can’t complain much, it’s announced as FREE. But I’d be happy to pay someone good money for a Beaver NOW. :slight_smile: It’s my most desired aircraft for MSFS hands down!!!

And I have no doubt the Milviz Beaver will be fantastic, but the only thing they’ve said about it since showing some early work on it 6 months ago is it is still expected to be available at some indeterminant time in the future. Looks like they have two or three aircraft in development first.