UI, Flight Plans and Parking Spaces

Is it so hard to be able to select a parking space with a flight plan loaded? I download the flight plan from Simbrief and put it in the folder. I go to the flight selection page, chose a parking gate, hit “more” load the flight plan, and it forces me out of the parking gate onto takeoff position on the runway. If I re-select a parking space, it fights me and will not allow it. If I load the flight plan first then select parking, or visa versa; it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it works, however. Wth? I would request that this (what I would think would be a) simple issue be fixed, but since this issue has been going on for so long, I see it must be impossible to fix. And if you wanna suggest that UI is not that high on the list of priorities, I would argue. Being able to select a flight plan and a parking space to go with it seems pretty elementary and not something anyone using the sim should have to deal with. Or is it just a problem specific to me again? Or don’t tell me… I can’t have this UI luxury while also having things in my community folder?

Edit -and the reason I want to have the flight plan loaded is so I can have some type of ATC is all.

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You can use Little Navmap for this. Import the .pln file from Simbrief. You can then select a gate. You can also already plan your approach if you want. When you’re done, export it as a new MSFS .pln file and load it in the world map.

I would like to pick the parking either before or during a flight.

It works just fine on my sim, although the displays boxes do not show that.
Select your flight plan, choose your gate or departure location (either from the drop down menu or from zoom to details), it may not be displayed, the departure runway will probably be displayed, but it will be selected.
Ensure your selected departure in the right hand box is still correct and click on “fly”.

You should be taken to the gate or departure location you have selected.

Yeah but I prefer to do my flight plan whilst at the departure gate. Can I choose my arrival gate from that point?

Choosing from the drop-down is fine, but choosing from the world map will change your flight plan if you are using one imported from an external source to an autogen one. Most annoying.

If you spawn in at a gate with NO flight plan created in the world map, if you then enter a flight plan into your FMC/GPS unit, you will be able to request an IFR clearance (at least I always can in the Kodiak, CJ4, CJR & 737).

What I’m not sure about though is if you had selected a destination parking spot - that would create a direct VFR plan, but if you go ahead and enter your actual route in the cockpit you should get IFR clearance option and maybe even the right parking spot? I’ll test with a CJ4 flight…

It has never changed the plan for me, and I do this at least daily.
All it will do is probably change the departure and arrival.
The basic plan in between will stay the same.
The solution to that is to reselect, as I mentioned, your departure in the world planner.
If you want, you can also do the arrival at that time.
In your FMC, enter the same dep and arr as you selected in the world map planner, which has the advantage of ATC giving you the same thing.

Interesting. It will change the en-route flight plan for me to an autogen one without exception (unless it was a very simple flight plan to begin with). MSFS: ‘your mileage may vary’.

I fly airliners almost exclusively, and use Simbrief, never had the planer change anything but the dep/arr.

You can, but the arrival gate selection doesn’t always work very well.

When I do that, it always puts me on the runway with engines running. I dont care about destination gate. I am more concerned at the moment with the departure gate.

Since no one else has this issue, it must mean I still cannot have anything in my community folder. Havent tried it without. Probably won’t. I’m sick of dealing with all the glitches on this sim. You would think they would just fix this problem, but if I am the only one with it, it would appear I am either stuck with it, or I can go use XP12 instead.

Thanks anyways, guys.

You need to select the plan first, and then from the planner, select your departure gate.
You will then be put cold and dark at your selected gate when you hit fly…

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Nope. Doesn’t work. I just tried with the new update. Still NOT FIXED. It must be rocket science to make this work and also have stuff in your community folder. My VR headset quit working recently anyway. Sim flying is not even fun now, once you’re used to that and lose it.

It does not show it in the boxes, but it does work, I do that every flight.
You can confirm that after you have plan selected, then pick departure gate, then zoom to details.
You should see the taxi line from your starting gate to the departure runway
Once you hit fly it should “spawn” you at your gate.

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I can confirm that I see the same behavior you describe.

Zooming in on the airfield shows the gate still selected, even though the box at the top shows the runway.

@Gryper3379 Be careful that you don’t get caught out by this introduced in SU12:

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I just cleared out my community folder and tried it again. Still behaving as before. I select the flight plan, and it wants to put me on the runway. I select a parking space, and it force-clicks itself back to the runway suggestion. Idiotic. I’ve lost interest. Probably other glitches will follow, as usual. No worries, no big deal. I’m done with the hobby for some time. Sick of this. Again, thanks anyway guys…

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