UK simmers where you at?!

Self explanatory, topic for UK based armchair pilots.

Checking in for Dudley.


Checking in :wink:

Been flying around London for a bit now, looking for other people to explore in bush craft with.


Denham flyer here :slight_smile:

Londoner here.
Had to check London City, flew down the A13 found my mums. Went over to South London to Kennington Park and oval cricket ground.
Checked out Stansted and Heathrow but I need to visit Stapleford and see how it is represented in sim.


Welcome all.

Note: In the UK, Southampton is the only place/city with full beautiful photometry, the rest of the UK just using autogens at the moment.

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Hartlepool here
Very impressed with how the AI has handled the UK so far

UK Here too, thought multi player you were going to able to play with everyone not just friends :frowning:

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Up North here. Not far from Robin Hood’s tree. :slight_smile:


Riddlesden, about 5 miles as the crow flies from Leeds Bradford which unfortunately doesn’t look too good in the sim.waiting to see more reviews of the orbx version before buying. I have it for x plane so it’s not much money but sitting on my hands for the time being

Just done my first flight around Liverpool after finally fixing the crashing issue i had.

Its beautiful!

Flying out of Doncaster/Sheffield, formerly Robin Hood, and before that RAF Finningly.

Long time solo flight simmer, with 3 pcs, in there origional form, 1 with FS2004, 1 with FSX and now this baby…

If any one wants to hook up for a group flight, around the local sights/airports etc, feel free to give me a buzz, most evenings. Might need to sort out comms but looking forward to this and expecting great things!!


Aylesbury, Bucks

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Are any of the football stadiums realistic models in the uk?

Add me always flying around uk
Around Hull & Yorkshire

In game name Grom#7049

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Leeds! Aye up!

Hi all. Me from London. Regarding stadiums - Wembley is flat as a pancake. My part of London looks great though and very close to real life.

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Sutton Coldfield here

I think it does, not entirely sure.

Yer only with friend you add that’s a shame though.

Anyway add me on guys only an amature from north of UK Craigbabyj