Ultra Reflection Broken

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The window reflection when having window reflection set to Ultra is broken. It is still there but in a very weird position and visible only in certain head positions. Was reported yesterday but it got locked so I repost this.

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Set outside to darkness and window reflection to Ultra, no reflection can be seen opposed to the latest build.

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I9-9900K, RTX3090, 32GB Ram 3600, HP Reverb G2, Driver 511.23, Windows 10

Isn’t it the same issue as this one?

I didn’t fly at night yet but I’ll give it a try.
Also if you can post a video that would help checking we all have the same issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t know if this the same issue, but it worked before the Beta so I thought it would be worth mention it.
I am not able to make a video, especially from within the VR headset.

Not the same as that link shows. This is a new regression bug in SU8 that is seen when the internal cockpit dash and lights are reflected on the windscreen. The bug effect is seen when looking straight out the front window and manifests as offset / zoomed / swapped eye distortion that can be nauseating when reflections are seen while moving head.

Easiest way to reproduce is in low light or at night when reflection from dash lights are most prominent. Windscreen setting to Ultra.

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I can confirm this issue when not using VR as well.


Possibly related to this… reflections on other reflective surfaces inside the cockpit are showing odd eye mismatched and distorted images. Look at the sun visor here:

Additionally the Aerosoft CRJ HUD has some kind of doubled glaslayers. Was not before this Beta…

Fixed in Sim Update 9.