Ultra settings

Is this SU 6?

Had another question, if your doing a ILS Approach and the Co-pilot takes over for landing do you need to turn the APPR along with the ILS or just the ILS as the Co-pilot is in control?

The next world update is now scheduled for 7 September, and the next sim update is TBA/mid September per announcement today, and current roadmap.

Known issue. I’m maxed out too. The only thing I turn off is motion blur cause it drives me nuts. Word is it will be fixed in a week with the update. Fingers crossed.

It is World Update 6 (WU6). But my information was slightly out of date, as this upcoming release has been pushed back to 7th September.

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Read the updated news about the next release here: [BLOG] August 19th, 2021 Development Update - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Wrong!, you have to change it even if you change airport in the same game!

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Don’t use the highest settings.

Why not if you have a high end gaming computer?

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I think patches are coming out to sort out the patches.

Hopefully, on 7 September :slightly_smiling_face:

From what I’ve read, it must be done every flight.

So I’m sitting here with this $6000+ PC for nothing? Bruh…

I didn’t mean that to be short or condescenfing.

Do you have your General Rendering Quality set to Ultra?

Need to see a screenshot of the ground.
Please reply.

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Understood. No worries. I am maxed out on everything except for cockpit glass which is medium. 200 LOD. Motion blur is off(I hate it).

I’ve yet to be able to get a decent screenshot of my panel. I’m using a 49" wide. It never looks as good as I can see it live. I’ll probably be back on the sim later. I’ll look out for what you’re seeing.

Yepp, thats true!

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Go to your UserCfg.opt file.
Edit it with Notepad.
Change Preset Ultra to Preset Custom.
Set Ultra and OPT LOD = 9 and Terrain LOD = 9.
Change any other settings you desire.
Save this file.
Display it in File Explorer.
Right Click and click Properties.
Check the box Read Only.
Click Apply and then ok

Do not touch the FS2020 Options, General Options.
See what gets displayed.

If you touch any of the General Options, this procedure is made null and FS2020 will set the graphics options to its own preference.

I’ll leave it as is for now. I’m weary about altering the internals of the sim. Gotta be patient with this.

No need.
Do not touch LOD slider.

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It is worth pointing out that “Ultra” is different to “Maxed Out” . You can go higher than ultra.

For example in the options menu Ultra sets your render scaling to 100%. Taking it up to 150%, if your system can handle it, gives noticeably more readable cockpit labels and sharper instruments.

Some of the shadow settings will go higher than “ultra” sets them to.

Also, as already mentioned, playing with the config text file lets you choose LODs much higher than the max available in game of just 200 .

If you change any of the graphics settings in the options menu at all it will reset the LOD unless you make the file read only.