Ultraleap Hand-Tracking in VR

I’d like to resurface this topic as it was closed.

The ultraleap team is apparently willing to work with Asobo to integrate this into the game.

This solution provides the best of both worlds. We can use a proper yoke while our hands are free to interact with the other intstruments of the aircraft. Let’s not let this discussion get archived.


Would love to have that feature. Just wondering if the hand tracking is adequate. Earlier videos showed glitches in your virtual hands interacting with dials and buttons

I think I’ve seen somebody demo this on Youtube with TinkerPilot.
It looks amazing, truly the next gen in interaction.
If Asobo had the will the get this working it would truly be game changing for flight simulation.

I agree, I think this would be an outstanding feature to have. My days of fumbling around for a mouse or trying to find a keyboard shortcut will be distant memories.

Good luck with your quest!

I bought a Leap Motion years back, one of the desk standing devices that look up at your hands. It was easy to fool it as you could hide fingers behind other fingers or your hand if you held them at the right angle, as the upwards looking cameras couldn’t see them.

I hardly used it, but it was fun trying out the various tech demos at the time, like the exploded skull that you had to reassemble.

This looks like quite the evolution of that technology.

You can make a request to have an old topic re-opened if there is more to say. The 30 day lock is just an automated process.


yes…like kinect for fingers or finger joints …would be great. I leave my hotas…and just switch seldom used switches. Great idea.

It’s a shame software devs didn’t take more advantage of the Leap Motion tech.
It’s really great stuff it just needed more optimization and updates.

This is a feature I would pay good money for if it worked right.

I suggest you vote here: Hand Tracking in MSFS - Leap Motion / UltraLeap native support for WMR/OpenXR