Unable to exit menu in flight

I didn’t use the sim for a while and updated to yesterday. Community folder is empty, update was ok, I also did all of the content manager updates. It’s the pure Microsoft installation with no addons whatsoever.

Going to the menu for adjusting controls or graphics options I cannot go back to flight. The following events are bound to the keyboard:

End - Back to Main Menu
Backspace - Close Menu
Fly - Ctrl Return
Esc - Toggle Pause

“Esc” gets me from flight to menu, but not back to flight. Once in the menu only “End” is working, it gets me back to the Main Menu.

I’m stuck. Anyone knows what to do? Thx.

Found it.

Version cuts away the lower part of the window that hold some important events. I justhad to rearrange the window.

Stupid thing. Anyway, it works now.

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HOW did you do it ???

I found it! Thanks

Hello, where can i find a discrption of the game, i have problems installing add-ons Online/offline

I have solved the problem:

Restart Online Functionality

  • Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Go to Options > General > Data
  • Toggle Online Functionality OFF
  • Click on Apply & Save
  • Toggle Online Functionality ON
  • Click on Apply & Save