Unalakleet, Alaska (PAUN) missing airport

Any Idea why PAUN "Unalakleet airport in Alaska is not in the sim?!!
There was even 3 seasons of a TV show on this airport.

PAUN??? Thats a pretty famous airport in Alaska and its not int he sim.

Yep. I looked for it to… Not there and a few others.

I looked for it as well. If you go to where it should be, you will see the town and an open area where the airport should be. Nice flat open area, but just grass. I landed the Cub there. Looks like a couple of airport buildings with an airport beacon but no runways. It seems like it was set up to be added but they left off the runways and ramp areas.

I went to Unalakleet Alaska, where there should be Unalakleet Airport (UNK), from that TV show Flying Wild Alaska, and it isn’t there. :frowning:

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Probs best if you submit a bug report using Zendesk

Another brilliant miss.

How can one forget to add PAUN Unalakleet into MSFS2020.

No one will forget our friends adn our special Ariel Tweto :wink:


You’ve got to be kidding. I mean, I’m blown away with what we have, but Unalakleet? Just did a circuit around Kotzebue (sp?) and it looks great. Been waiting a lonnnnggg time to do this kind of flying in decent scenery. Did you submit a report?

The answer from MS was very standard.

Happily I can see that someone invested some time in creating PAUN

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It’s very good too.

The name should be “Unalakleet”, unless it’s a deliberate mistake, but that doesn’t detract from enabling me to endlessly run off the end of runway 8 or 26, into the river or sea respectively, whilst trying to land in stormy weather. :slight_smile:

There is a free mod that adds it, Freeware Airport - Unakleet (Alaska), PAUN — MSFS Addons, but it looks like the Bing imagery for Unalakleet was compromised by cloud, making it impossible for the AI to create the airport automatically.

It’s not the only Alaskan airport to be omitted.

I have just moved several topics around the forums into this bug. Although the best place to report it is Zendesk (no guarantees that this will be read by the developers here), you can also upvote the issue.

Folks, I am not sure how well this has been communicated but the majority of the airports in MSFS are created by the AI looking at satellite images. Unfortunately some of the more beautiful locations around our planet tend to be shrouded in cloud cover a good part of the year. If the airstrip does not appear on the satellite images that the AI is looking at, poof, gone.
The only alternative is to add to the list of missing airports growing at Zendesk. Or wait for some intrepid scenery guru to get around to creating a hand made version.

FYI - This is not a “miss” or a “bug” or another example of “Asobo inexperience”. This is a limitation of having an AI try to create the Earth in detail from a bunch of bad photographs. I would say that the few hundred Data missed would make this feat nothing short of amazing.


Unlakleet Airport (PAUN) is completely missing in all versions

Hallo, since the update of 15.07.21 PAUN is available at MSFS Marketplace.
You should restart flightsim to enjoy the update of the default scenery.
Very important scenery,to remember the tv series.

Doesn’t work very well using the Easy mode. You can’t taxi. Try taxing in the easy mode using the commercial PAUN.

This item was delivered as part of World Update 8 (

Please note that there are problems with the new airport, and they have been documented in this bug report: