[UNDER INVESTIGATION] No streaming data working, photogrammetry and bing maps just stopped working

I do suspect it depends on which server the sim connects to. There is one specific IP address that always shows up in the active list of MSFS TCP/IP connections, (and that one is actually an Amazon AWS server, which I suspect may be the source of Live Weather). The Microsoft-specific IP addresses are often different on each new run of the sim. This is probably done for load-balancing.

Still down here on the west coast


Yeah anything coming off Bing is down.

No data for me either in the western US. Also, the sim is very stuttery right now. It had been very smooth for me lately in all conditions so that is odd. The constant issues with this sim does get tiring, but I am really trying to be patient.

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■■■■■ I thought I broke the sim. Was going to re download the whole thing again.

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yeah, don’t do that. Been there done that already. it’s not your installation.

Heber mention something interesting those. the my last Gaming services update was on the 12th. he sez his was on the 24th. did we miss an update?

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Does UK use bing? No wonder there’s bloody trees on my usual runway

Hope the sort it out soon

Funny you should mention that because it has been for me too lately. I’ve been flying a lot in the F-14 since it came out and there’s been big, sometimes about to about 10 second, pauses in the sim when flying along. Quite annoying.

Same here last night and this morning. Random patches are just fine. Other random patches are a blurry mess

Looks awful without photogrammetry

The whole sim uses Bing globally.

Its only some cities which use photogrammetry. The general look of the countryside is a different set of processes but they all rely on the quality of the data coming off Bing.

I deleted my rolling cache. Then jumped into the sim and noticed trees on the runway. I thought I did something yo break it.

mine only works with vpn enabled …

How long has it been down? I was away all weekend

use a vpn …

I tried with a vpn. Didnt work.

Why would vpn work if bing server is down?

It really hurts my eyes without the right data.

mine works with any vpn no matter what server …
im in the middle east …


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