Understanding Screen Re-draw


Can someone please explain “Screen Redraw” (I am calling it ).

Today I flew Canyonlands and Zion, Utah and this seems to happen mostly in very canyon-like mountainess terrain. This happened all the time in FSX and I was hoping with my high-end system it wouldn’t happen so much—the mountains and terrain textures are constantly re-drawing/updating as I fly. I don’t know how to video capture a flight, or I would include an example. It is almost as if the terrain is animated and it really hurts with the sense of immersion. Hills and rocks keep growing and changing. Is this something that could be reduced with LOD setting ( I tried from 100-200) or manual or rolling cache.
I am really hoping someone can explain this to me .
i9 10850k
Valve index (but this probably happens on the screen as well)
RTX 3080
32 GB 3200 RAM
1 TB firecuda SSD drive for FS2020
using nvidiia 457.30 driver

Thanks so much

Hi @FLYINGkeys65,
I’ve moved your topic out of Bugs & Issues as you are asking for advice.

There is a topic in Bugs & Issues that relates to what you are asking:

Also, this topic in Bugs & Issues:

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Ok thank you .

You’re using Bing satellite data correct? How fast is your internet?

yes, using Bing data. Getting 230mbps download 11 mbps up

Are you currently using manual or rolling cache? If so delete the allocated space/files and create new ones, or delete them and see if that fixes it first (Under options > data in the game).

If you’re not, try using 8 gigs of rolling cache, and also try creating a manual cache of the area you most frequently get this issue. The manual cache probably wont help much as it’s more for photogrammetry but I believe it will also download the mesh and satellite images.

I am using a large rolling cache , but not manual. I will do as you suggest and I know there are good tutorials here showing how to set up manual cache . Looking forward to World Update 3 tomorrow .
Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate it.

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