Unreal Weather - Live METAR Mod

Unreal Weather - Live METAR

(04-Aug-2021) Ver. 1.7 has been updated to support MSFS build Please redownload and reinstall the mod.

(12-Mar-2021) Ver. 1.7 has been updated to support MSFS build Please redownload and reinstall the mod.

(20-Nov-2010) Just released ver. 1.7, which includes the following:

  • Added snow cover generation based on precipitation level
  • Additional snow cover indicators support
  • Aerosol density transition can now be instant (disabled by default). Thanks, @Planet96728!


Enjoy! :wink:

Have some questions or ideas? Please check out the FAQ page first!


stay away from this mod


This looks interesting. Why would this mod not work with MS Store version?

Its a bit rude to just say ‘stay away from this mod’ and nothing more? It has good potential. For people who bought MS Store then they can see it’s no currently supported.


You cannot make the required modifications in that version, unfortunately.

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there are also reasons why you cannot change the data of MS!

Got it. Maybe someone will figure out how to make it a community mod.

just a question !
did everything according to instructions, replaced files in main folder - token entered from my avwx account - checked for errors - but i don’t see any metar or change ! did i forget anything ?

Well, the preset is there, but you see no difference when flying? Are you on version, by any chance?

for first, thank you for this tool !!
yes version, recently installed steam version ! do I have to start the flight to see the metar data in the weather menu ? (probably)

You’re welcome! Yes, it only active when you are live and your plane has real coordinates.


You don’t exactly say why people should stay away from the mod. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the mod.


we are welcome to talk through the website where the metadata is coming from. But that doesn’t belong here in the forum! Just look at them yourself and judge for yourself

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Converted it to a Community folder edition v1.2 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Only tested on the steam version.

edit: You still need a weather preset :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d prefer to give Asobo a chance to fix the weather system since I like to work with on board materials whenever possible but thanks.

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This is my effort to “wrap” the Add-On “Unreal Weather - Live METAR” written by the user “Vivid Creations” aka @duesen into a clean Community package.

For the latest version always check at https://unrealweather.blogspot.com/
Currently this Community template was tested with the “Unreal Weather - Live METAR 1.2” version from September 28th 2020.

This Community package should avoid the need to change System Game files from MSFS directly, which either will be overwritten at the next Patch update,
or - even worse - don’t work at all on the Windows-Store (WS-Store) App version of MSFS,
due to the advanced protection of the “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps” folder and it’s child packages where “Microsoft.FlightSimulator” is installed.

This Community package now should work for BOTH Steam-App users and WS-App users of MSFS,
no need to overwrite System Game files or fight anymore with Windows Security :wink:

All Shortcuts and locations used and referenced here (and in all SHORTCUT files from the ZIP) are based on a DEFAULT installation of all MSFS content into the C: drive.
If you installed your “Packages” into a custom location, then you need to work from there.
see the last line of your “%localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\UserCfg.opt” where the variable “InstalledPackagesPath” points to.

The attached PLN file needs to be renamed to an ZIP archive and is just a TEMPLATE for the Community package and contains all the metadata files for it to work properly.
But it does NOT contain the actual MOD itself to respect the intellectual property of the creator of this MOD.
You need to download the current version (or any version which will come) from his website https://unrealweather.blogspot.com/ and distribute the currently 3 files to this template structure.
2 files go into the real Community package, and the one WPR file goes in the user weather preset folder.

  • To add the weather preset to your Preset folder (different between Steam and Windows-Store installation!), see “Community Package\WeatherPresets (User)\readme(download-and-deploy-WPR-file).txt”
  • To prepare the package with your TOKEN and deploy the customized package to the “Community” folder, see “Community Package\Community\readme(add-TOKEN-and deploy-to-Community-folder).txt”

If you DON’T see any METAR info from neither any bigger airport in the lower right edge of the WEATHER page in MSFS at the airport, when the “Unreal Weather - Live METAR” preset is selected,
then make sure that this CORE package was added to the “Content.xml” file and this CORE package is active?
See circled YELLOW part in screenshot “Screenshot WS-App Community package installed.jpg”.

You find the “Content.xml” file here: “%localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Content.xml”

If you don’t find the "Package name=“unreal-weather-live-metar” as active in it, then add the following line at the bottom before the last line “</Content>”:
<Package name=“unreal-weather-live-metar” active=“true”/>

Also make sure, that you DON’T add a “title” attribute to the packages’ “manifest.json” file!
Otherwise the package will not be loaded as CORE package into the MSFS Virtual File System (VFS)!


UnrealWeatherMetar-v1.2-Community-package-template.zip.pln (260.5 KB)


Does this Mod use one nearest station report to change global SIM weather, or incorporate reports from many stations?
In short, can we see large cold front approaching from far horizon?

This does work with the MS Store version, you just need to place the UnrealWeatherMetar.WPR file in the following location instead:

C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_randomnumbers\LocalState\Weather\Presets

Then just put the files from CoCoCookie000’s post above into your community folder, add the API token to WeatherEditionMenu.js in that folder and it should work.

Bear in mind that it wont work on the world map, but the weather and METAR data should show in the weather menu once you load into the simulator itself (although the sliders will be wrong the weather will match METAR data).

Proof (this is on the gamepass version):


awesome… thanks a lot… it seems to be working… great… :+1:t2: :smile:

thanks to the modification of ViennaFlying, it seems to be finally working your mod with those of us that bought through Microsoft store. However I have so far detected one bug that I hope you can fix…

Is related to high altitude elevation airports. When you load the airplane into a high altitude elevation airport like SEQM (7910 feet elev) it looks like it is showing the mean sea level OAT (temperature) instead of the actual temperature at 7910 feet. In other words for a MSL OAT of -6 deg C it should show a temp of 10 deg C in SEQM… could you please update that detail? other than that it seems to be working fine.
and that convertion would be basically (apt elev / 1000 * 1,98)+MSL OAT = OAT at airport elev.
And actually that formula works for any airport, it does not matter its elevation it will always show correct temperatute for both sea level and high elevation airports.
I mean, I do not know if is that the sim only uses MSL OAT or what, but I tested in SEQM and everything seems to be OK, except for the OAT which was showing -6 deg C, when the actual METAR was showing 10 deg C…

It may also be the case that is the airplane that is showing the wrong temperature and is showing sea level OAT instead of the actual OAT… I don’t know… but I did another tests at high elevation airports: KAPA (5885 feet) and the METAR says (7 deg C) while the airplane is showing (-4 deg C).
Finally at HAAB (7625 feet) and METAR says 23 deg C, airplane is showing (7 deg C).

Could you please take a look at this issue? thanks a lot by the at sea level airports it seems to be working ok.