Upcoming Boeing 247

Brought to you by the same developer who brought us the Bleriot, the Nowing 247 appears to be shaping up nicely. This will be a day 1 purchase for me. I will be taking her on the “Mainline” route in United colors.


Looks fantastic :+1:

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Fantastic airplane. Waiting for this release for a year now.

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Never had that on my screen, but will get it for sure now!

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I am somewhat more interested in their Lockheed Vega, but any update from that team is welcome.

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I’ll be having this - I really enjoyed the one JBK did for FSX - even in VR it was a delight to fly and I often used it in Air Hauler.

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Loved their Bleriot, really looking forward to this.

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Here is a link to replay a stream for a full flight & explained demo for Radio Range navigation in the Boeing 247D. This aired on March 30, 2022. It features a flight in Alaska, from PAGK - PACV. Piloted by the streamer Capt. Arash and with navigation by Wing42 Radio Range developer “CelestialNavigator”.

The flight shows riding outbound beam, inbound beam, and cross-beam.


Hey guys, the 247D looks like a cool plane and I’ve read it’s super realistic. So before I bought I wanted to check to see if the realism allows the co-pilot to take over flying if you want?

For example, you do the startup, takeoff, and trim at cruise, can you then hand over the controls to the co-pilot while you run back and use the head, or go chat with the fancy passengers? Thanks for letting me know.

Been around since Sublogic (CBM64) and owned few sims. Good memories of aircraft like PIC 767, PMDG 737 and Piper A2A Accusim aircraft, and recently PMDG DC6.
There are several excellent modelled aircraft, but very few with its own personality, such as this Boeing 247. It may feel hostile at first, but after a few hours, you just fell in love with her.
This one almost slipped under my radar. At this price tag, all aircraft are just eyecandy designed to steal money from (deleted). I never bother to check them.
• I could add a long list of features, but check youtube reviews for this. - To sum up, Wing42 going the extra mile for us final 1% serious simmers with the radio navigation package. They could easily made a good looking ADF as a walkaround - and we would still be 100% pleased.
It flies very well - Other developers struggle with taildraggers , but B247 feels right. It trims easily with elevator and rudder for a straight flight - no autopilot needed. Guess you guys with trim problem made it too tail heavy with wrong cargo distribution.
• Now my only complaint - and important to my me. Engine sound. PLEASE TALK TO ME! - I compare to A2A Texan with similar radial.
The engines in B247 does not talk to me. I have to check instruments and levers all the time.
A2A Texan you can listen to engine status.
Firing up , you can hear how to came to life with one cylinder at a time. Coughing and stops, you now it is not enough fuel.
Lag in governor , you will hear misfiring and loud bangs.
Adding TO power , you hear the deep angry lion roar as the propeller coarse pitch to keep correct RPM. A scary loud noise.
In cruise you can HEAR how the engine hit the sweet spot when leaning out mixture, and correct propeller pitch. No need to check instruments, but when you do, you see it is perfect.

Wing42 please update. I am willing to pay $20 for a sound package.
Thanks for the Boeing 247D!!!
Now back to the sim for flights and practicing radio nav.


Super interesting stream…thanks for this link! :slight_smile: :nerd_face:

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Official thread from the developer. Please use this: