(Update 06/21: WU5 and OrbX Mesh Hotfix) [Freeware] Iceland Overhaul

06/21/21 VERSION 1.7.5: WU5 and OrbX Iceland Mesh Hotfix

This hotfix fixes some clipping with this addon and the OrbX mesh along with fixing some issues present in the OrbX mesh itself around Reykjavik.


This addon currently contains:

  • Numerous landscape fixes

  • Compatibility and some fixes for most Iceland Mesh addons

  • Proper Tree coverage to within a few percent of real life

  • 195 unique structures including famous landmarks

  • Lighthouses and radio masts with working lights

  • Adds relevant ships and objects to ports in all costal cities

  • Animated sea life around Iceland’s shores (Stick around the blue whales POI for a bit to see a show!)

The tree coverage fixes were based on a map that shows tree coverage of the country. The structures cover iconic and VFR landmarks such as Harpa, and the DC3 crash site along with many other buildings within Reykjavik and the rest of Iceland to bring it to life. There are multiple POI markers around the shores of northern Iceland where you can fly to see Orcas and Blue Whales!

Current list of structures includes the following and more: Reykjavík Cathedral, Harpa concert hall, Brautarholtskirkja, and the dc3 crash site, Fríkirkjan í Reykjavík, Landakotskirkja, The National Hospital, Reykjavik junior college, The House Cabinet, Reykjavík Art Museum Hafnarhús, Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel, Radisson Blu Saga Hotel, Hljómskálinn, the theater at Vonarstræti 3, and the old school at Laekjargata 14, City Hall, harbor lighthouses, Police HQ, pond bridge,Höfðatorg, Kjarvalsstadir Art Museum, the National Center for Cultural Heritage,Hofdi, the National Museum of Iceland, Gamla Bio, the National Library, the Volcano Museum in Stykkishólmur, and the Hellissandur longwave radio mast.

To download, just extract the folder into your community folder!

All model attributions are available in the download file.

Additional recommended addons

This addon by ToasterPilot adds in the missing airport(BIGR) and missing satellite imagery on Grimsey Island right off the Northern coast of Iceland : BIGR - Grímsey Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

This addon by flying_coyotus adds some of the amazing rock formations around Iceland: Iceland Rock Formation - WIP for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

Previous update notes:


Thanks, these are greatly appreciated and a massive improvement :+1:

No problem! There are still gonna be areas that aren’t fixed just due to how bad the terrain is right now. Seems like 80% of the landmass has something going on. I got a good chunk of it though and gonna keep doing passes to find more!


No matter how much of it you’ve done, you’ve managed to fix something in a week that ruined major sight seeing/intresting areas. Will definitely be checking Iceland out more now


I’m happy for every improvement. Cool!

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Thanks! Yeah I was a bit bummed on my first flight through, it was one of the spots I was looking forward to most. Atleast now we can have some breathing room from the water monoliths. I hope Asobo can get some higher res terrain mesh data for it.


Is Jokulsarlon fixed ?


Thanks for the fix. Where i have to but the files: In \Community?

in this structure: \Community\icelandwaterandtreefix\scenery ?

Yes, Just put the icelandwaterandtreefix folder into your community folder. The process will be the same for any other modifications you download as well :slight_smile:

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Yeah! Jokulsarlon looks better now! Let me know if I need to fine tune it.

Installed your fix. works perfect. I found something that is not realistic. Near BIEG Airport have some mountains with rivers on it… Maybe you can fix it. See also the last pics with hills in the lake

Here the Pics.

before the rwy it have som hills in the sea


Awesome! glad it works.
Yeah I’ll have that fixed in the next update. Goes by much faster on my end when I don’t have to search the map for issues and just get suggested locations that have issues!

man thank you ! it looks way better now


Hmm. Is this why I keep crashing to desktop when I try to load in Iceland?

crashing for me too

Nice works again you can submit your files, your Anchorage and Southern National Parks already there https://www.msfsaddons.org/

just in case, it is normal I don’t see your files dispayed on MSFS content manager or content manager is reserved for payware\official contents?

Yeah that’s normal! It seems like no community addons show up in the manger right now.

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I’ve sent him a link already!

Looks like that’s a known bug with the sim for some people, wish I could fix that :frowning:

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