Update 1.10.9

In my content I can (according to the text) update some planes, but if I do so I get a message that I need update 1.10.9
My game is not updating and still shows 1.10.8
Is this a bug?

No this is an indication content has been pre-staged for the upcoming patch. You cannot update until 10.9 is released to general population. It’s not an error. This has been the case since earlier patches.

No, it just means they have some content updates that require the new patch. They have done this every patch so far, as I recall, so nothing to worry about.

The new patch should be issued tomorrow, as long as they don’t have any last minute issues this time around. I remember the A320, and A380 listed as having updates, but I don’t remember any others.

OK, thanks guys. Never seen it before.
Good to know.

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