UPDATE 29 SEPTEMBER = New game Downgrade , looks same PS3

How many posts are you gonna make about it? I understand you have issues and it’s unfortunate, but this sort of thing clutters the forum and doesn’t resolve anything. There are so many threads people post about the same thing - wouldn’t it be effective to have a single long thread on it? Surely, one of the top threads will get noticed.


I have exactly the same problem, AA is terrible, it was great before, but now it’s just awful, flickering in distance, jagged lines, weird ground flicker on airports, terrible.

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We need answers now , or fix it

Helped me, at least. Geforce Experience had put almost everything on LOW. I had played the game a lot with MSFS2020 recommended settings on my 2070 (mainly HIGH). Now reverted back to my own settings.
Geforce should stop this. At least ask before changing settings.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone is actually flying in the sim. Like doing traffic patterns, handflying approaches etc.

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Couple of threads that may help

I already posted my Madrid pictures in the other (one of many?) threads that you’ve been spamming with this. Here they are again:

This is not a univeral issue. And it is not game breaking. Stop being so melodramatic.

Reminds me of this:

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People are talking about much worse aliasing problem, and you are answering on several topics that everything is fine, while playing on a 1440p monitor, really? You don’t understand that most of the people having issues are on a 1080p, and it’s clearly something wrong, considering how many people are complaining about it, even Asobo in recent video said that they saw something wrong with aa and lod.

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And where does the OP say he’s using 1080p? It would help if there were some facts and data presented - settings, rig details, proper comparable before/after screenshots etc and not the hyperbole and emotion that just makes us all cringe. Somethign that might actually be of use to Asobo.

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He doesn’t, but it’s obvious that problems with aa are gonna be much less on 1440p with same settings compared to lower res.

Sorry, but I’m not psychic. But you’re right, as is the OP, that this is disasterous. Cataclysmic even.

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And actually the OP gives zero information on what he’s complaining about anyway - could have been anything.


How much do you ask for your PS3 ?

This is just a small example, it’s much worse if your flying above a city at day.

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What settings are you using for Control Panel 3d settings? Do you mind sharing? I’m not sure if my global defaults are good enough, or if I’ve modified them before for other games.

The only changes I did were to select “Max Performance” on a program specific setting.

Look at those Pictures below after reverting automated optimization and disabling GeForce Expierence, no issues for me about Graphics.

Can we start a sticky “Help my graphics thread” in self service and just keep merging them into there? Hopefully some kind souls on this forum will go help people in there.

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Not only is your take inaccurate, but can you stop harassing me and others? What is your problem?

Problem? Not you. You on my blocked list too. But thank’s for your concern.

Yep , keep flagging posts , I’ll do likewise .