Update 5 (possibly this week) will improve water reflections, night lighting, autopilot, and more

From today’s livestream, the devs mentioned that the next update (which is now certified and should come very soon, possibly this week) includes a lot more than what was listed in the previous dev update.

This includes improvements to night lighting, water reflections, aircraft twitchiness, autopilot (things like ILS capture and the Cessna Longitude going up and down), and a “host of other things.”

The black hole in Brazil will also be fixed.

More improvement for autopilot are coming in patch 6. They also clarified that the improvement to autopilot scheduled for update 9 are more general improvements and don’t mean that fixes and tweaks aren’t gonna be done earlier.

PS: Dear Jeorg Neumann, that’s not how you pronounce “Aermacchi.” The C is pronounced K :joy:


Thank you for the update!

Thanks as well from my side. This sounds pretty solid to me.

aircraft twitchiness be gone please. I’ve been praying hard about this lol


There was a fair bit of discussion about lack of control authority on the A320 and 787 at slow speeds/low altitude whilst landing and how they are tweakign the formulae to improve this, whilst recognising that the AP is trying to prevent a stall. This sounded positive to me too.


“aircraft twitchiness” really says it all !!

Is it really seen as “twitchiness”, or is it just being called that so us dumb users can maybe understand what they are talking about, because any mention of “Dynamic Stability” is probably over everyone’s head !!!

Hopefully soon, fixing the “Wobbliness” and the “Slipperiness” will be addressed !!

noun: twitchiness

  1. the quality or state of being nervous or anxious.

I don’t think its the aircraft that have “twitchiness” … more likely it’s the Flight Sim Community that has the “twitchiness” , that needs to be fixed.

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They also stressed update 6 is small and people probably should not over analyze it.

Also upset about Sebastian’s answer on the LOD and photogrammetry bugs (ranked in the top ten). Said they don’t notice them and want more examples. Was like seriously?


Seems to me like they literally just read the titles and judge based on that. Like really tho? I get they’re busy and don’t have time to read every post, but there are lots of examples in forum posts.


I would suggest to listen to the livestream instead of oversimplified and partial versions, because the issue has been described in much more detail than “sorry, can’t see it, send me examples and let’s move on.” The developer most certainly has not dismissed it as someone here makes it seem.

Incidentally, that issue isn’t easily reproducible. I know I cannot. It simply does not exist on my PC no matter what I do, and many others see the same I see.

I personally chalk it to possibly being due to hardware/driver combinations, which is quite messy to delve into. I’m here hoping that with the 3070 I’m hopefully gonna buy tomorrow it isn’t going to crop up for me as well.


I couldn’t help but LOL when you said you’ve been praying hard about it and your handle is EvidencePlz! We can only hope the twitchiness is gone for sure!

What isn’t going to crop out? The LOD? I can assure you it’s still buggy and degraded running a 2080 Ti with 32gb ram and a fiber internet connection. It’s got to be bandwidth or server side issue.

They did address that it might be better to work on quality vs FPS which I know is a big debate in the community. I for one want quality. I could care less if I get 70fps.


Night lightning: Light lamp bulb will show now on airliner level, sepia mask was triggering too much quickly on altitude, sepia mask was intend only to be on much very higher altitude at original plan, that will make difference.


The way it looks like doesn’t appear to be bandwidth of server-related from what I can see from other people’s screenshots. I think it’s related to their specific combination of hardware and/or drivers.

Which is why I hope that, since I’m (hopefully, Nvidia’s supply permitting) changing video card tomorrow, I don’t end up falling into the pool that have that plague.

They also mentioned that they have found a problem with the live weather being out of sync because of some serverside caching.

I think they suggested that change has already been implemented to some extent and it seems very accurate to me in all the locations I’ve tried this evening.
They also mentioned some performance optimisations that are delivering 10 (ish) fps improvements.

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Yeah. But that’s update 6, and only for those who are constrained by the CPU.

yeah I was just about to add that but hit the send button by mistake :slight_smile:

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When I flew in Real Weather today, the time was out-of-sync by about 20 minutes, but AHEAD of real time. They must be running the cache in Dr Who’s TARDIS ?

I flew in the eye of Zeta . The water surface wave effect were amazing. So was the calm weather in the eye.
As soon as I flew out of the eye !!! RAIN and strong winds. Impressive Real Weather.


Nice :+1:t2:

Been checking the real weather of the locations I’ve been flying in and the wind speed and direction have been pretty close, temp spot on (at ground level at least) and the cloud conditions as forecast.
Also had a very realistic crosswind landing in a 20 Kt wind which I failed miserably to land in the Cessna 172 :slight_smile:

If you’re trying to be more specific, “Dynamic stability” is an aircraft aerodynamics term, implying that a control input disturbance would be met by countering aerodynamic forces in a negative feedback cycle.

When you’re talking about an autopilot (which is in its essence just a PID controller), it’s either stable, marginally stable, or unstable. There’s no such thing as “dynamically stable” with PID controllers, everything is already dynamic.