[UPDATE] Cessna 172 Reims Rocket / Hawk XP II (freeware) | Bagolu

me and Cessna2807 are happy to present you a Cessna FR172 Reims Rocket / Hawk XPII freeware mod :

The mod is based on asobo’s C172 and includes :

  • 3 blade propeller
  • a different nose design from the recent C172 model
  • a different exhaust pipe
  • 2 different wheel fairing types
  • a new flight model built around the IO-360
  • Gauge cockpit
  • a sky diving option
  • specific checklists
  • customizable (optional) stickers inside and outside
  • All the features from my 172SP Skyhawk AS1000 improvement mod

Feel free to discuss about this plane on the dedicated forum topic :


V1.1.2 Christmas update !

Fixes :

  • No more VR obstacle in front of the player (hopefully… I can’t test)
  • ATC-ID not overriden in liveries anymore
  • Yoke logos up to date

New features backported from C172 enhancement project :

  • cargo configurations : see the new page in the book
  • maps : Bring the cardboard on the yoke from the lower center console by clicking on it and choose one of the few available VFR map websites.

Currently, we have maps for CH, FR, UK, US and a simple worldwide OSM. I haven’t found a lot of ready to use websites. Skyvector would have been cool, but they forbid iframes and openflightmap only provides raw data.

If you have website suggestions to add to the list, I’m all ears !


New features :

  • Roof windows (optional, available in the book)
  • Taxi & landing lights have been move on the lower part of the nose (custom liveries may require cleanup on the wings)
  • Cowl flaps with the lever on the central console
  • Rudder trim lever on the central console

New features backported from C172 enhancement project :

  • New option to hide the manual logo on the panel
  • Cargo unloading : option available from the cargo page of the book
  • A new tablet, stowed in the copilot lower right compartment. It can be brought up by clicking on the right edge of the panel too. It is used to display external apps like : Sky4Sim (including Neofly4), Neofly 3, MS MCA, VFRmaps

We are still working on the 2 blade prop variant.
Sounds improvement have also progressed a lot !

Happy flying !



We’re happy to introduce a new Reims Rocket / Hawk XP II variant : the 195HP, 2 blade prop.

  • Specific 3D model propeller
  • Flight model adapted to the 195HP engine
  • 12 new liveries
  • Same G1000 cockpit setup (for the moment)

New features :

  • New liveries for the 210HP, 3blade prop variant
  • New door sounds thanks to Boris
  • Postit on the panel notifying of available plane updates. Click it to hide it.

New features backported from C172 enhancement project :

  • Don’t touch copilot and passenger for cold&dark
  • Sync to c172-enhancement mod :
    • tablet upgrade (GTN750, S4S…)
    • Sky4sim OS support

Fixes :

  • Chrome door handles on all liveries
  • Landing & taxi lights inversion
  • Aileron wire fix
  • B78xh mod bug workaround
  • POH rework with new data from cessna2807
  • Various stuff in cockpit visible in hangar
  • Fix to try to avoid starting issues (blank panels)
  • Separated textures for cargo logos (asked by Petroxyl)
  • Corrected unwrapping on tablet for better customisation (asked by Petroxyl)
  • Luggage visibility fix

We are working on a simple gauges version. It will take time to be ready, but work has begun !

Happy flying !



When we started this mod, I only had a C172 G1000 interior 3D model from my other mods. We knew it wasn’t realistic, but we decided to start the Reims Rocket / Hawk XPII mod this way anyway.

After a few versions finalizing the two variants we wanted, I finally settled on the cockpit design as it may have existed on early versions of the Reims Rocket. This new release replaces the G1000 cockpit with an all-gauge cockpit.

We hope you’ll enjoy flying it !

Stay tuned as we still have modifications to make to this mod !



Anniversary update : this plane mod is one year old !


  • attitude indicator animations & positions
  • stby batt removed (not present in Reims Rocket ref. manual)
  • decal material correction
  • ingame documentation corrected
  • compass and altimeter swaped (common request)
  • ELT code removed
  • cowling covers

New features:

  • Book rework (following AS1000 patch)
  • Skydiving kit upgraded : Jump seat and carpet added
  • WTT compat mod for gtn750 thanks to Alvega
  • New NAV1/GPS switch
  • New EGT gauge (right panel)
  • New OAT gauge (next to top right sun visor)



New features:

  • KAP140 PMS free mod replacing default KAP140, thanks to Alvega
  • Skydiving door rework closer to real doors :slight_smile:
    • corner cut so door doesn’t collide with wing strut
    • New door handle


  • doc typos (root/roof)
  • prop attachment on 195HP variant


ADF & NAV2 have been added to current development version
I will then work on the radio stacks variants


New features:

  • Nav2 vor gauge
  • ADF KR87 & ADF Gauge
  • DME K62A unit (no frequency setting for now: iit uses NAV1)
  • HSI : you can choose between HSI & directional gyro (in book)
  • New pages in configuration book


  • Avionics switch on correct electric bus

In progress, maybe in next release:

  • radio stack choices:
    • TDS GTN750NXI is almost ready to be used
    • PMS GTN750, virtualy here in tablet, will be added in radio stack too
    • The current full radio stack
    • A simple, pure VFR stack will also be available

I hope you’ll like it !


Reported bugs :

  • Kolhsman scale on altimeter is wrong
  • Course can’t move in GPS mode
  • Wrong orientation with HSI & CDI glideslope, HSI deviation, ADF direction
  • SDOACI webpages are offline, they need to be removed from cardboard map
  • Last flap stage should be 40°

They’ll be fixed in next release

Incoming new features :


You won’t get lost anymore with this update !

New features:

  • Radio stack choice in the book :
    • TDS GTN750 NXI : if you have the (payware) mod
    • PMS50 GTN750 : if you have the (free/pay-ware) mod
    • All radios
    • VFR only (no nav)


  • Wrong directions on CDI vertical indicators, ADF needle, HSI & CDI deviation (my animations got messed up)
  • SDOACI has been removed from VFR maps (on the cardboard) : the website has been shut down and replaced by another one with registration. Alternative is GéoPortail but not compatible in iframe inclusion.
  • Removed useless screw near flaps lever
  • GPS/NAV1 switch will stay visible also for VFR because :
    • you can use GPS from the tablet if you want
    • msfs sometimes switches this value for no reason
  • Yoke decals for Reims Rockets in HP195 variant

Thanks a lot to TDSSim for the support to include the NXI



New features:

  • optional AOA indicator (you can show/hide it on panel from the book)
  • bigger wheels (6" instead of 5") usually used on Reims & HawkXP2
  • 40° flap position according to POH with a little more drag effect


  • Fixed OAT scale (report from AngelOfTheGrove)
  • GTN750 has been removed from tablet as it is now integrated in cockpit as a variant
  • Right skydiving door part visibility dependancy

Thanks a lot for all your reports

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Quick fix :

  • AOA indicator show/hide setting was not working


New features:

  • AOA indicator comes with its own pitot tube : visible under right wing when AOA selected
  • You can now close the skydiving door with a left turn :
    • Skydiving doors on Reims Rockets were made with a spring to lift them up
    • turning left is a common way to close them
    • you won’t have to lock it when close, this is automatic here
    • Nb. You need an adequate accelaration on the left side for the door

Happy flying !


New features :

  • Startup exhaust smoke effect
  • Ground power unit (see external options in the configuration book)



New features:

  • Interior rework : seats, walls, yokes now conform to the 70-80’s models
  • Lots of interior liveries, based on real Reims Rocket & Hawk XP II


  • Alternate air is now working
  • Right yoke animation redone
  • default options in hangar view (AOA indicator, GPU…)

The new interior are liveries, so you can contribute to get the exact style you want in your plane. Feel free to share your favorite ones in the forums

I hope you’ll like the new cosy mood of the cockpits
Enjoy your flights !



New features:

  • Optional G5 PFD as an alternative to the artificial horizon
  • Optional G5 MFD as a third choice to the flight director alternatives with gyroscope and HSI

They are currently not compatible with the panel cover (square shape, round hole…)

Fly safe !


New features:

  • Manual defrost : It is prohibited to fly in icing condition with this plane but in case it’s too late and you really need to see a little more through the windshield, use the ice scraper after opening the window, and land as quickly as possible !


  • checklist typos (thanks to Michail71)
  • gpu trap door texture
  • removed old references from PMS750 in tablet


  • GPU was showing in air spawn when active in state saving
  • Shorter smoke effects