Update Choices - Don't force it on us

Can we expect the same teething issues after every new release forced on us? Hear me out. We don’t have a choice in upgrading every time there is a new release. That is meant to be a good thing. Latest features and optimisations etc. This assumes continuous improvement implying Q&A is top notch and thorough testing is performed before a drop release. The track record thus far is treading towards a scenario where every update comes with major pain and setbacks. I for one am not enjoying the two steps forward and three steps back impact of each release. I am one of the unlucky one’s it seems where things are going backwards. CTD’s, performance degradation until its a slideshow. Third-party aircraft on the market place is broken after every sim upgrade release - I have most of them and I fly them all so I’m not speculating I can confirm this. I feel sorry for third-parties as well as this reflects on them too. The list goes on. I’m genuine here that this does nothing for my sentiment towards the sim. All I’m saying is that Asobo needs to rethink their upgrade strategy and version releases.

Is there a way we can opt in or not to update? I’d much rather hang back after an update announcement and wait it out, still have a good experience with my current version and update when I feel ready.
I want to again be a positive proponent of the sim but Asobo is making it very hard at the moment.

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