Don't force users to update

Please allow users to skip the update process if they choose. The download also pegged my GPU at 100% usage for nothing more than a loading screen.

Also, allow us to see what the feedback on the update is prior to choosing whether or not we want to accept the update to our system. Forcing updates on users is frustrating when there is not a critical security issue that needs to be addressed.

Can there please be a way to disable updates for those of us on slow internet connections? The large patches can take several hours to download which can be a real pain in the guts.


No, I don’t think so. If possible, with a mobile phone connected to USB, download in 4G

Most people’s mobile connections are metered…

I have 60 GB of data, this is enough for the update of some GB

How do you know the patches are large? I haven’t received any update yet since release?

And i don’t think you can use the cloud services when your client is not up to date. That’s why it checks for updates at every startup.

I bought the disc version and it is updating right now.

As a flyer of the Cessna 208 I also wish I hadn’t updated because they basically broke the plane I fly the most. I wish I could revert back a version. I really hope they hotfix this and it’s not another 2 weeks before we hear anything.

I can’t play for a month becuase of the forced update. I’m on phone hotspot only, and can’t afford to put 16GB on a cell phone data plan. Guess this game has turned into a 3-day a month title, since that’s about my average time at home.

Maybe not updating will mess up the streaming data from Microsoft.

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Or maybe it won’t?

I totally agree . The download sizes are insane. Not everyone has gigabit internet downloading anything over 4GB’s can be very time consuming. Not to mention possible hits to people’s data caps! Over here in America quite a few of us have data caps, unlimited is usually twice the price of internet.



We must Have the choice to install updates, let the pigs say when to go.

While I tend to agree that the upgrade should not be mandatory, I acknowledge that I do not know enough about what goes on behind the scene that may make this important. I am delighted however to report that my upgrade went without any issues when I did it earlier today. Thanks to the FS2020 team.

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Yes, we should be able to choose when to install updates.
I don’t have too much time to play and yesterday evening, I wanted to take a little flight and it was impossible because I needed to download a 15Gb update… And with my ADSL connection, it takes hours…

I voted definitelly as stated from first days it must be choice,

but then also really can’t imagine how this prj will continue, check XP11 where it went. They simply change (XP11) weather system to be working with new update and all my addons are not functional :smiley: I started be very very very not satisfied after some time also here but business is business…

You can’t make it a choice, it’s an online game it’s cloud based. Everyone must be on the same version or it won’t work. The servers are patched too and work with one version.


Whilst appreciating that there are probably technical reasons why everyone must be on the same release, it is frustrating that no consideration is given to the user-base impact. What’s the deal with never making it clear how big down-loads are?. Could the size of the patch not be put in the Release Notes? For many of us this patch means many hours of updating and using up of monthly cap.

What difference does it make when the size is on the release notes? You will find out when you start the sim. Doesn’t make a difference to know it 5 minutes earlier?

Yeah I understand of course and set same answer in other topic,

but if this I knew before, will be very think if I bought this product, really due general experience from XP11. And I think that XP11 was not clouded dependent, right? We as users have this time not so much choices :slight_smile: