Update does not start for me, thank's ! I had a good experience

The update doesn’t want to launch, nothing to do, I sent a ticket to Zendesk, for the moment without answer.
If I can’t play MFS 2020, I jumped in my 738 ZIBO under x-plane, I could follow the plane that my daughter took this morning to Barcelona. With the live traffic which displays all the planes in real time with 1 or 2 minutes at the most of delay, departure at 6:40 from T3 arrived at runway 24 at 6:48 where I was, ready for takeoff, I made the whole flight with 2 other planes which took the same route as us which accompanied us to Barcelona, that I could follow on my radar and on flightradar24 Super experience, the flight it passed super fast! Please do something to display all the traffic, in real time, not with 45 minutes delay, and especially with all the planes in the sky, it’s so much more enjoyable as a flight!
Otherwise, thank you for finding me a solution, I really don’t want to do a complete installation…

My good trip, I followed my daughter with 737

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Don’t forget about wanting the live traffic to actually look like the real airplane that’s flying.

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