Update MSFS 2020

So … update stops at 3% why so many issues… I love the new sim


Not sure, I keep getting the “Connection Lost” message after updating a few files

Maybe the servers are congested? I had a loss of connection warning while flying earlier today but it did not impact the flight. I’m guessing it came back on but I didn’t get any other message.

That’s what I was thinking. I got a couple of error messages on the forum in the past few minutes, plus it’s right in the middle of prime time in the US now so that makes sense.

Look a couple posts up…


Always with me very fustrating 3 percent then stopped

Oh, man. I thought my computer was bugging out… log on to the forums and… I do not envy the community managers tonight. :sweat_smile:

servers are offline for everyone…
Come back later and check their social media

Ditto. I’m suffering from the same cancer.

Cant this stuff be sorted before update release … I love the sim but I have same or similar issues everytime… Microsft support the simmewrs that support you and not Pi ss them off… I did and al;ways what is recomended

could be my friend

The problem with this sim, is that ‘Connection Lost’ (switching to offline) never attempts to reconnect and change back to online mode. If the sim hasn’t loaded, that’s it, you need to restart it.

I am also getting this connection lost message

Same here!

I’m having same issue

Is there an option to postpone mandatory updates? In situations like this, it would seem like a prudent idea. I don’t understand when MSFS tries to contact servers for an update and gets no replies, it doesn’t just resort to loading the last known good configuration instead of what it does now, which is to just fail.


Original post deleted in order to keep the community chaste. (As in pure in thought and act.)


Is that the game server room? :rofl:

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Okay, so obviously no sense of humor here. What a bunch of curmudgeons.

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No there’s not. Those of us who have not downloaded the update are stuck until the server is back up.

Same here. Leave it to Microsoft to mess everything that works up. All with no tech support.