Update on progress with the Cessna 310R from Milviz

We know there’s some anticipation for our release of our C310R for MSFS and so we’re here to give you a short update containing some good news and some not-so-great news.

Let’s deal with the not-so-great first.

At Milviz we’re committed and determined to release only top-notch products for MSFS that not only meet current standards for visuals and systems but exceed them and raise the bar for ourselves and others to follow.

After a through review of the model and textures for our C310R we’ve found that some significant parts need to be revised to raise the bar for GA in MSFS. That revision will take some time. Exactly how long we can’t say because artwork like this is not an exact science to say the least. It may extend the release date by a couple of months or more. We can’t and we won’t release anything less than the best.

We know this will be disappointing for those waiting to get their hands on a high-quality, fast IFR twin for MSFS but the reward, after the wait, will be an aircraft second to none in visuals and systems depth in the GA arena.

The good news is that while the model upgrade work is proceeding the systems and flight model guys will have some additional time to further deepen and refine. I’m the systems guy and I’ll personally commit to you that this 310 will be as accurate and detailed a simulation as is possible to have in MSFS at this time, with every detail implemented authentically and some features not yet seen in any GA aircraft for MSFS as of this writing.

Determined work is going forward every day by the whole team to give you a C310 you’ll be proud to own and love to fly.


I will keep the faith. Something good is always worth waiting for.


I would say concentrate on getting it flying right first, and you can continue to upgrade the looks in future updates after it’s released. But whatever you think is best.


Thanks for the update, Sir. I know what you guys do - I own KA350i and EVO and they are great! I have no doubts that you will continue to live up to what you are known for. Take the time. It will be worth it! And if you happen to update some more of your stuff to work in P3D 5.1, it will be even better news. :wink:

I fail to see the “not-so-great-news” here :laughing:

This flight game (MSFS 2020) so far is already a glorious and most probably the best world/scenery simulator money can buy, and it’s only through the blessings of prestigious top-end study level developers like Milviz, PMDG, A2A, Simcoders etc that the “video-game” might have a chance of becoming an actual “flight” simulator. I’m very happy that the eye-candy department is holding the Milviz C310 back, because this only means the systems and flight model department will have extra time to ensure the plane doesn’t behave like a paper toy in MSFS.

Thank you for the update, Sire Dutch!

I hope that the 310 isn’t going to have the S TEC autopilot. I have never found one of these that works well with the Logitech Multi Panel, though I will be grateful for whatever we eventually get.


I just downloaded the user guide for the P3D/FSX version of this aircraft and if that is a useful guide as to what we might get, then I am really, very impressed. Keep at it Milviz, you already have my money on this one. This might be my new Duke.

The P3D manual from the website is a useful guide. We’ll have an authentic KAP140 autopilot just like the P3D version. Instrumentation and avionics will match the P3D version almost exactly except the Wx radar will not be installed (it is a separate Milviz product and development hasn’t started on it yet).

The major difference you’ll notice between the P3D and MSFS versions is the higher res more detailed textures and not least the much greater systems depth and flight model. Engines will behave more realistically and there will be optional failure modes. All circuit breakers will be operational for example. If it’s in the real 310, it’ll work the same way in our sim. Even the cabin temp controls.



This is cracking news and I thank you for it. With there being a longish lead time on this, I wonder whether everything will be available to connect or configure via simconnect, LVar etc. Many of the hard core simmers here are using additional hardware such as myself with Logitech and Streamdeck and others with for instance Honeycomb kit.

Also, there are some great avionics mods which I am sure that you are aware of and as these develop over these next few months, it would be wonderful to incorporate some of them when the aircraft arrives. Anything that I cam do to assist at this end and I would be delighted to help.


Please, is it possible to give you money in advance for this thing? I can’t wait :smiley:

I do have the 310 for P3D and it didn’t have all that realism…functional circuit breakers, failures…none of that! Glad to see a way better version is coming to my beloved MSFS 2020! Thank you thank you thank you! Please don’t forget to charge a generous amount of money for this beauty.


You can overcharge EP the same amount that you discount me:-) Seriously, if Scorpionfilm can come up with a discrete version of his GTN 750 by then, you would have heaven on wheels. Your past experience and flexibility in avionics fits could really come to the fore here. Like EP, I can’t wait for release. I have a really good feel about this one.


I’ll join the chorus of those saying that we’re eager to try out this plane but willing to wait to get it right. I’m planning to really focus on this aircraft, as it suits my style perfectly.

Looking forward to it!


Just seen on the PA 28 thread that what I suggested last night seems to have become possible, regarding the GTN750 mod. Go for it Milviz! The perfect marriage of steam and digital.

This is one to get absolutely right. There is no rush at all. How’s about tomorrow?


So are you saying there’s integration with my house’s Wi-Fi thermostat via SimConnect?



I’m pretty confident you’ll be seeing a GTN750 as one of the avionics suite options (the others being radios only and 530/430 combo as in the P3D version).


Nice one Robin :slight_smile:

No promises made here… (just saying… )

It’s all a MAYBE… (we’re hopeful but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes on this…)

This is awesome. In real life I’ve had the controls of a Mooney 231 (Carenado’s is close enough), an F-15D (DC Designs covered well), a Cessna 310 (thanks, MilViz!), and… a T-34B. So ball’s probably in Carenado’s court for finishing up the collection there.

Looking forward to the Cessna 310! The one I got to fly was actually owned by one of the execs at SubLogic, who flew it down to Greensboro, NC in the early 90’s to show me Flight Assignment: ATP when I worked at Compute! Magazine.


I loved Compute! magazine, and their books such as 40 Great Flight Simulator Adventures, etc. back in the Sublogic era! With Commodore 64 graphics I was forced to use my imagination a lot, and Charles Gulick’s writing style helped a lot with that.

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Thank you for the update. By any chance would Milviz consider a 72-74 Q model? And maybe a 60 D model? Just asking. Stay safe, be well.

We’re all focused on getting the 310R out for now. What the future holds, who knows?