Update on progress with the Cessna 310R from Milviz

Looking very much forward to it. Your post sounds slightly more optimistic of release than your earlier post and I hope I read it right.

We are going to release this… but we are doing a full on revamp of the textures, parts of the model, and we’ve junked all of the code that was done on this up until last month.

Pretty much, a clean slate. So… we WILL release but certainly not this week. Or the next… or the one after that… or the one after THAT… etc etc…


Keep at it. It will be great.

Waiting for it , really needed high study level GA for MSFS.


Dutch will be dealing with updates on this one…

Not to necro an old thread but I couldn’t find anywhere else to ask, will a turbocharged variant be coming as well? I see one was made for X-Plane, and having an aircraft like a 310R with quality this high, capable of cruising high, fast, and far, would be amazing.

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I’d love to see you take the ball from Carenado on the T-34B…

Something a little simpler yet lots of fun, and no worries about wing spars!

I asked about the Turbo 310 a while back and the answer was that they didn’t have any plans to bring the turbo version to MSFS, but like you I’d love to see that version in MSFS so maybe they’ll reconsider it in the future.

It’s exceedingly unlikely we would do this… But, I will leave it with Dutch…

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I’d personally love to fly a turbocharged version, so…

I won’t rule out a turbo version in the future, depending on demand and such, but right now the feature set is frozen so as not to further delay the release.



A turbocharged version would likely run into the mixture logic problem that affects the Turbo Arrow from Just Flight and the Seneca V from Carenado, so maybe there’s no rush. I described the bug at the link below and tested it with the stock Bonanza modified to have a turbocharged engine. I have hope that this bug could be fixed eventually, although Asobo has a lot on their plate right now. Apparently, it’s a hold-over from FSX.

I never pester anybody. Not my style or intention. Ever. But, while I am here, I wonder how is it hanging Milviz? Got anything that you can share with us? I can’t wait to enrich you by a few dollars.

Kindest from UK,


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I have a feeling they have their hands full right now. We are still waiting on the Corsair Service Pack.

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All my time in flight sim development has taught me that the last 20% of a project is always not just the hardest but is harder and will take longer than even the worst pessimist anticipates. This effect is even worse when you’re working in a new sim environment where there are so many unknowns. Even small details you assumed would be no sweat can turn out to be major.

Not excuses, just facts here. This business can take some time, for sure.

Better to take the time and get it right than push out sixteen SP’s fixing it! (There’s always at least one SP, it’s just impossible to test all the permutations the simming community will find!)


Thanks for the update Robin

Since it’s been a few weeks, I just wanted to ask if you had any updates you could share with us?

Also, is it possible engine condition and wear and tear will be modelled (i.e. needing to top off fluid levels between flights and perform regular maintenance/overhauls)?

Visual work on textures is continuing. It takes time to produce excellent results (I’m not an artist and respect what they can do.) Every single texture is being re-evaluated and re-done. Also model changes are being made where necessary.

The extra time allows the systems programmer (me) to include things like engine wear and tear. Actually, potentially, wear and tear on any moving part (like, say, fuel pumps. Don’t forget to turn them off when not needed.)



Nice. Sounds study level.

Since this was talked about the other day in other MilViz related threads, I started watching past reviews of it in other simulators. But I realize from previous posts that the team really took it back in production to start, almost fresh really, not too long ago too. In order to make it the most awesome version for MSFS. Hope it’s going well with all the latest changes to the sim. I’m very eager for a new twin engine.

Yes, the model (interior and exterior) was re-done from the ground up to meet the higher visual standards of MSFS. The bulk of that work is completed and we’re in the process of adapting the systems code to the new model while also isolating and fixing the inevitable bugs that such a huge revision stirs up.

The work is proceeding for a release this year. No date can be promised right now but no effort is being spared to deliver an extraordinary simulation of the C310R.