Update to fix SU5

So this morning there was a 450Mb update to fix SU5. It seems to have worked this patch or hotfix whatever you want to call it. The FBW A320 now climbs as it used to and no more rediculous EGT’s. I can now set my cruise speed to 320 knots and it’s there in a flash not like after SU5 I could hardly get to 275 knots. This is what I had before SU5 so that being said … Asobo please leave the PC version alone and create whatever you want for the X-Box. Make the X-Box a new version and mess with that and detune it, hack it up and destroy their expierance, as WE the PC users have had more than enough pain. AMEN


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That is what they have to do.
It’s a shame that they broken the game in this way. A shame for Asobo!!!
They have done a very big mistake. Unbelievable.


Sorry but if we want to see things added and things improved then your gonna have to expect changes to be made and is possible it will occasionally break things. Changing one thing can break another just how it works.

Only thing that needs to change for me is to slow down with updates to allow more beta testing. Then release hotfixes to the beta testers until any major issue’s caused by that build are eliminated.
then release the update to everyone, cos I don’t think its right that many people should suddenly get a game that could be unusable for weeks.

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I totally agree, i think ALL updates and fixes etc etc should have them titled, either MSFS PC and the other XBOX, choose which one you have and let the updates rip accordingly, not this mass bundling, being a veteran flight simmer on pc still love this sim, as long as it works…!

I’m with you all the way. PC version, X-Box version. Simple. With Microsoft’s resources it should not be difficult.

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