Update today or not? I cant find info

should of done that with hotfix 1


LOL. That’ll be the day!

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If you don’t see a post in the Community / News and Announcements section of the forum announcing it, assume it will be Monday. They won’t say ■■■■ if it’s not being launched today.

People saying be patient, I have been since day 1. I have been very patient, and it really is wearing thin. You know considering everything, and despite any flack a message saying “Sorry simmers, the patch is coming Monday not today” would be fine…

But I guess along with other things that’s too much to ask for. Ill just have another slice of patience pie!


Yes surely they are going to go bankrupt if you dont purchase a few hundred dollar addons. I seriously dont understand this attitude.

Its not about that… I am small fry… The point is as this carries on it snowballs.


Patience? are you taking the pee. people go to work all week and now come home for the weekend to chill and play some flight sim but they cant as the game doesnt work as it was when you bought it, you do know that this is a full priced full release game not some early access, there game should work 100%


I’m curious how long it will go until another moderator closes the topic for some flimsy reason. This is also a way to keep problems small and not to express themselves


We was told the update could be today or possibly Monday. Don’t need to apologies, when we was already told it was possibly Monday for the hotfix to be released.

The real issue is that Microsoft suck at timely communications. They always have.

Before even the simplest statement is publicly released about even the most trivial thing, it has to go through an onerous process of vetting and approval by multiple departments and ultimately ends up with final approval from their legal and PR folks.

So if RIGHT NOW at 1620z on Aug 6 they found out they can’t launch the patch today and want to annouce that it’s being delayed till next week, the person in charge of communicating that has to write up their piece. It goes through the various channels and departments. By the time it’s approved for public release, it will be the middle of next week.

It’s not Asobo or the CMs that are the issue here. It’s Microsoft’s communication policies.

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If this Sim was a car, then the Lemon law would be in effect. I’m fed up with these updates screwing up what was working ok. These updates shouldn’t be mandatory, they should allow us to decide if we want to do them.


All comming fixes wont fix this broken game, because Asobo will not remove this Xbox code out of the game.

I know right. 12 months of patience. Yet the the only working planes are community built, single engines, or a retail (and that’s a maybe). Someone says patience…eye roll. Since they took my $120, guess I have no choice.


The blog yesterday said it’s coming in the next few business days. It’s not coming today. Honestly wouldn’t even expect it Monday.

They did say Monday, not likely Friday

Yeah, almost like they’re a $100B company or something. And announcing a hotfix doesn’t go through a legal review.

What I would bet is happening is they’re still working on whether or not to release, and what has to be cut to release today vs next week, and the cost/benefit.

They’re ■■■■■■ if they do and ■■■■■■ if they don’t. If they release today, then we’ll get the hysterics shouting they should have tested more. And if they don’t release until next week, then we’ll get the conspiracy theorists tell us it’s all a plot to sell Xbox consoles.

They can’t win either way.

No, it’s really their approval process that’s the issue. They will not release ANY public communication, no matter how minor or insignificant, without this approvable process being adhered to.

Either we’ll see the update drop today with the officially approved forum post text, or we we’ll see it early next week. The patch may even be complete and approved for release, but they’re still waiting on the announcement text to be approved.

We’ll get NO ANNOUCMENT that it’s being delayed from today.

Why do you think Jayne always has to “discuss it with the team” every time even a simple question is asked? Even as the senior CM, she’s not allowed to say anything, even if she knows the answer, without prior approval.

Working for MS is living under a full time NDA.

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No Hotfix Today!
Stop begging.

This type of question has come up a few times now and I can see the frustration. From the recent update, it has been said within the next few business days. I’m sure more information will be communicated as necessary.

There isn’t an exact timing at the moment:

More information on the hotfix can be found here:

I’d recommend discussing in the official thread linked above. Similar is taking place here: Official Discussion: Upcoming Hotfix Announcement

Going to close this to reduce forum clutter and to avoid splitting the discussion.

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