Update was supposed to fix G1000/G3000 Systems?

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Maybe you could watch last evening’s Q&A


watch last night’s Q&A, you’ll find out.

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Working Title Joins Microsoft Flight Simulator Family - Announcement, FAQ & Twitch Segment - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums might make it easier then

And the point of this thread is what exactly?


And if you bothered to watch the q&a and read what others had posted, you’d know why.


If you refuse to watch the feedback they gave in last night’s Q&A, then don’t expect the forum to spoon feed you information you don’t want to hear anyways.


Not going to spoon feed you as I said before. It’s in there.

They’ve released the first improvements, and there will be ongoing improvements.

I was just about to be a nice guy and answer your question.
But then I read all your comments and decided to the same as my fellow commenters, and don’t.
Your Question is answered in detail in the Q&A and when you are not willing to look it up, this is your own decission…

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


In yesterday’s Dev Q&A Jorg politely pointed out that there was no expectations that Sim Update 3 would fully resolve Garmin Nav Issues or completely fill in the features gaps. And respectfully, how could it? To anyone who had been keeping tabs on matters, as most of us here on the board do, there was no magical way it could happen in two weeks after World Update 3. Wishful? Sure. Realistic? Not really.

The partnership with Working Title, as a standalone dedicated for-profit company, is the beginning of the answer.

Please see the WT Partnership FAQ to understand short term approach.

The FAQ that @gordongreig linked to above is a PDF, so no streaming needed.

This is Star Trek folks, we are on a ten year voyage (according to MS-Asobo’s Project Vision), so it’s early, early days.


Maybe you’ll get nicer worded replies if you rephrase your own questions in a nicer way. Do unto others etc etc.


Mort…that’s unnecessarily antagonistic. You’re the fella who told someone to search for an answer before posting and when he pointed out there are no results for his question you then told him he’s gotta read all the threads in case there’s answer buried in there somewhere.

I put it to you that you are deliberately unhelpful and antagonistic for no good reason.


Maybe read again. I pointed him to the Q&A.

If he had responded with ‘I can’t watch it right now since I’m at work’, I would most likely have answered him.

Instead he answered;

  • Not wasting more time on there videos. Doesn’t matter what they say, they don’t do what they say. 5 months waited for Sim Update 3 to fix G1000 systems. But, they didn’t. Still bugged. Really sad.

Make of that what you will. Doesn’t really concern me.


You seem to be under the impression I’m only talking about your behaviour in this thread.

Think again. And, as I say, you’re the fella who’s reliably unhelpful and unnecessarily antagonistic.

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We going through post history for ad-hominem comments here? Let’s not start with that. I’ve seen some jewels from you as well.

@MrPhoenix1975 fine, I’ll summarize for you
SU3 was never intended to fix the entirety of the G1000, but they have made a start. It will be a continuing process (with the help of the WT team).

If you have some spare time after work tonight, please do watch the Q&A session in its entirety, since it’s rather informative, even if you won’t find the exact answer you’re wanting to hear.

So tell me, why can’t you be helpful rather than antagonistic?

(And after your edit: Ah, there we go. Didn’t cost anything did it? You’ll probably even get a thank you from MrPhoenix)

The short answer: They didn’t follow through with their hyped up fixing of the Garmins. The only change of significance was adding OBS to the G1000.

That said, now that the Working Title team is onboard as a partner, we should start seeing significant improvement to the Garmins in upcoming updates, and seeing the quality level of their work, I have every reason to believe it’ll be done right. Far better than Asobo could, in fact.

Unfortunately, that means we have to deal with the current Garmin dumpster fire until that happens.


Please note the status on the G1000/G3000 is “Started” and has remained that way since World Update 3.

If it was really addressed fully (whatever that might mean - and it WILL mean different things to different people), it will change to “Fixed.”

There was no explicit statement that G1000 would be fully addressed by Sim Update 3, or even Sim Update 4 per the Dev Q&A.

I get your disappointment, you’re not alone. Again, early days. And the only guarantee is things will change. How fast, how soon is not anything that can be easily forecasted, certainly not here by board subscribers.

Go easy folks. It’s a sim. Are you really all getting hot under the collar for this?

I share your frustration.

Correct. Not only that, there was supposed to be a major revamp of the G1000/G3000. None of those happened.

Correct. On top of that, either WU3 or SU3 (not sure which one) introduced a major performance-related bug which is game-breaking for some users.

Incorrect. Some minor issues have been fixed. For example: “G3000 - Fixed FlightPhase & NavSource display not showing properly”

No idea, apart from the fact that Working Title team has been hired to work on a bunch of “things” including the G1000. Based on latest information it’s going to take a while so in the meantime if you want to use a realistic G1000 that actually works like the real thing, look into the competing flight simulator platforms and their default and 3rd party G1000 add-ons.

Edit 12/3/2021:

As a temporary solution in MSFS, if you are willing to spend a very little bit of money (think something like $10) and use a bit of DYIing, you can have a very nearly perfect, nearly fully IFR and PilotEdge-capable ‘study-level’ G1000 unit in MSFS and can use it with almost all planes that should have one. You will be able to file both /G and /L, whereas without this solution in MSFS you are able to file /L only with the amazing Working Title CJ4.

The solution, while it works, does not look great visually and reminds you that it’s an ugly band-aid, but it does work, as evident below:

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