[Updated] Arrows Across America: fly the US Air Mail routes 1926 - 1934

Can not wait to fly more of this!! Thank you all so much for the hard work.


Looking forward to the upcoming experience!

Can you tell us what has been updated on the existing routes?

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On Cam 5, the first bit to Antelope island is a bit hard to follow, only navigating on beacons. We found that there might have been some Aux beacons.


Hi all, we are still working on v3 but have hit some turbulence, thanks to the SDK changes introduced in SU12. This has affected a number of things which we are in the process of fixing but has inevitably delayed the planned release.

In the meantime though, here are some of @RobCap1966’s new hangar designs at the new CAM8 ILF at Silverton OR.

We have also taken the opportunity to tidy up our Discord server and create a new public area for General Chat, Screenshots and Bug Reporting. All being well, this link should take you there… Discord


Looking great so far - take your time!

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No hurries. This thing will be worth the wait. I am so looking forward to flying more of the routes.

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Could you list the issues you have to face due to SU12? Just wondering whether I need to change / rework my old sceneries outthere.

Thanks :+1:

I think there was something changed with how polygons and the vegetation sliders work as we have polys to exclude trees and bushes from around the beacons but it seems some vegetation is leaking back in? Nothing too major there but kinda annoying and everything will have to be checked and modified. There was also some change done to how terraforming works I think, something about how the polygons work there as well but I did run a few very quick checks along a couple of our routes and didn’t spot any obvious screw ups there but you never know. So not major issues, just small annoyances really.

But! Another more serious issue we’ve ran into is that there’s a spot on the upcoming San Francisco to Salt Lake City route where all the flashing beacon effects just stop working when you cross some invisible line out near Battle Mountain. They do come back after a few dozen miles but for a while you can’t see anything and it’s really quite strange. Been banging my head against that the past week testing various things and trying various workarounds but I’m at a loss there. Might just have to release as it is and just issue a NOTAM to watch out for that stretch of the route. Not entirely sure if it was a recent SDK change that caused that or if there aways was a strange kill switch for beacon lights out there on the salt lakes and deserts. It’s a place of high strangeness.

I uploaded beta versions of CAM 8 and CAM 18 to the discord channel in the annoucements section if anyone wants to try them out though.

CAM 8 should mostly be done now, just needs more testing around the more hilly and mountainous middle sections as there’s some issues with terrain LODs causing the lights to bounce around and become invisible at times which can make navigating the valleys a bit of a challenge. Some landing fields are still under development along that route as well.

CAM 18 should also be mostly fine I think aside from that dead section. It’s completely lacking landing fields though for now although Reno with its cool hangar is being worked on but might be delayed for a while.


Probably I’m too dumb to use Discord, but the link does nothing on my side…

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Try this one




I knew I’d mess it up!

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And now for something completely different…

Sunday Afternoon Silliness

Would anyone like to join @Baracus250 and I to race WombiiActual’s freeware Baggage Cart around Burning Blue Designs Thruxton airfield race track?

If so, the details are here…

Hope to see you on the grid!

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Did you change the white beacon effect?
It really flashes now!

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We have just made our first birthday! :birthday:

Thanks to everyone that has downloaded the addon - we hope you are still enjoying flying the mail…

:email: :small_airplane: :mailbox_with_mail:


I built a PC a couple of weeks ago and one of the best parts of this switch from Xbox to full-time PC is the ability to utilize this fantastic addition to the sim!

Thank you all for developing this and bringing this, incredibly important, piece of history back to life. Having this gives me a great reason to fly era-appropriate aircraft in a real-life way.

As an avid reader, I love the care put into the manual, as well!


Welcome to the world of “Oh! I just need that one single mod over here… and this one… and this one…”


On the right side of the Force you are now, young Padawan

yoda 2

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Welcome to Team PC and thanks so much for your kind words, given all of the other addons out there your support means a lot.

And I am pleased you are enjoying the manual as well, I really enjoyed writing it!

We use the default airport beacon effects for most the beacons so nothing to do with us.

I have spent a lot of time looking at the beacons and trying out different things to make them more visible and whilst I didn’t really find anything I did notice the effect can vary a lot depending on time of day, weather and the angle you view them from. Sometimes you can barely see them at all but other times they flash quite brightly. Also I think Asobo have been doing changes wtih the effects as I think after the last sim update or maybe the one before they became a bit more visible.

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