[Updated] Arrows Across America: fly the US Air Mail routes 1926 - 1934

So… this happened to me, until I realized, I was trying delete some vegetation I had placed in that location in another addon. Make sure you’re not overlapping some forestation created by another addon.

P.S. I hate this stuff, so I do a lot of going around and filling in these blank spots as I find them…

so jarring those crop circles they are…

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Hi all

After a bit of a break we are back on it. so here’s some work in progress shots from the upcoming release.

CAM4 Los Angeles to Salt Lake City

And one of our favourite arrows - the twin tail just outside Salt Lake City

Intermediate Landing Fields on CAM18 San Francisco to Chicago

And thanks to TheCorporatePilotDad for this photo of Beacon 8 on CAM24 Cincinnati to Chicago


Sexy :grin:
Can’t wait for the release!


Well nice people,

After a long break for some of us, we are starting up again to bring you more routes.
Dave has been extending the network with 2 new routes.
From Los Angeles to Salt Lake City (CAM 4, green dots), and from Salt Lake City to Great Falls (CAM 26, purple dots)
This will give you the following network:

We are working on the roof numbering:

These are two new very scenic routes:

And since Salt Lake City is a major hub in our route network, we are planning to give the field it’s own hangar in the corner of the field where the original airport was in the 20-ies and 30-ies.

Last picture courtesy of the Utah State Historical Society



Thank you


I am off the charts excited for this. Stream material for weeks. Love love love it. Can not wait to get into the skies!!


Amazing, you are doing some really excellent work for all of us. Thank you.


Your work is really amazing and I like so much to fly these routes !
Am I wrong (and unless I’d have missed something…) if I say the current version on .to is 2.1 and so those new routes (San Francisco, Los Angeles, and so on) are not yet available ?
You still upload your mod on .to ?
Thank you again for your excellent work !

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Well, some additional routes can be downloaded from our Discord.
But we certainly plan to update all routes and have a file available on Flightsim.to soon,

Thanks, can’t wait to discover new routes !

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Update on the Salt Lake hangar


Wow, what an amazing project! :clap: just found it by chance…
Have to try this out when I got time (guess Ill have to buy the Stearman now :wink: ).

Just wondering: like the route from SLC to Pasco.
Was the mail destined for Pasco only, or did they stop a lot of places on the way to load off mail?
Guess the ‘emergency fields’ were only for temporary stops due weather, refueling(?) etc?
Or did they have like standard stops/resting fields placed strategically along the route?

Edit - found the stops for CAM(5) in manual.
Tnx for project, liveries, stearmandriver mod…
Stretching legs :wink:

Good work :+1:


Hi, nice picture😉
Some fields had no facilities, and were only for emergencies.
Some had refueling facilities, and a hangar or 2.
So mail could be loaded or offloaded on those fields.
What you see a lot is that those bigger fields developed into airports that still exist today. Sometimes we took the liberty to move the beacon tower a bit, so it matches a nice position on those now existing fields.


Guidance Please.
Been away from MSFS for some time. Doing some research for old mail route maps I came across this thread. Good on Ya for doing this!
Meanwhile,. I have downloaded the file and installed it in what looks like the right folder (two other mods from the “way back” already there) but MSFS is not seeing it.
-where should it be in the game screen?

I have looked at mod management screen but it does not appear as an option to load.
So, can someone direct me to a post that speaks to how to get MSFS to see this mod?

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Hi there @dbwhip, thanks for downloading the mod.

It should appear if you drop it into your Community Folder or link to it via Addon Linker or similar.

If you start a flight from “Strevell DOCILF” you should find yourself on a triangular dirt strip in Utah with a hotel building next to it. If you start at daybreak the strip should be marked out with white boundary lights.

If you find yourself there, then once you have taken off you should see flashing beacon lights north and south along the CAM5 course.

Assuming that all works then there is a list of the Intermediate Landing Fields in the manual and you can start a mail flight from any of them, or a major airport along the route.

If it doesn’t work, let us know via our Discord and we will see what we can do - Arrows Across America

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As a place holders to others that read this thread: Problems I had getting on board with this mod were all driven by my atrophied MSFS skills. Highly recommend this mod for anyone interested in this aviation history.


@dbwhip glad you got sorted and are enjoying flying the mail. Thanks for your support.

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Any airmaily news?

We’re finalizing the DOCILF’s on CAM26. 1 to go.
We might need to do a few extra for the first section of CAM18. This is under debate.
And we made a few adjustment in some scenery elements (to make ‘forked’ arrows), which needs to be implemented.
But all other items are in place, and should be good to go.


Morning Mail Call from Cascade Locks (KCZK) to Portland.

Struggling with those Stearman brakes…nothing, nothing, on the nose.