Your Current TOP 10 Aircraft

First time listing my top 10 but here it goes.
No big spiel as to why I’ve chosen them, just my favourites to fly since purchasing the sim.

  1. PMDG 737-600
  2. Kodiak 100
  3. Hawk T1
  4. FlyingIron Spitfire
  5. Antonov 225
  6. MB-339
  7. CRJ 700
  8. Wilga
  9. JustFlight Turbo Arrow
  10. MilViz Corsair

OK, how about 15.00 GMT?

A bit earlier would be better. Give me some time between events. 2pm GMT?

Yep, that works. Will you set up an event? I can post on the AAA thread about it as well.

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Cool! Yes I will do here, official discord and mine, and might as well mention on BBD again

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It’s set :wink:

Hope some of you are also up for it!! Not just me and Pips on the grid hehe :smiley:

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Excellent, looking forward to it. :grinning:

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Nice words about Wilma :slight_smile:
(…and the other descriptions - enjoyable to read - thanks! I like the recommended scenarios ideas hehe).

Didn’t know you can break the rudder on the Vans!?

You know what… I normally fly with POI markers off, but for the Oceania update I switched them on to explore. Then I visited LA again (still had the mod installed from our race) and realised that we were going around the opposite way to what the designer intended :smiley:

So we shall have to have another round there at some point and go clockwise this time :slight_smile:

Don’t think it would make that much difference as it’s quite symmetrical overall… just felt natural to go the way I went but there you go :smiley:

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For sure, I’ve ran the course both ways, I think clockwise is actually a little bit better, the descent over the freeway is fun. But it’s fun both ways!

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new list for may in no particular order

Carenado V35B Bonanza
Microsoft/S&H ATR 42-600
Asobo/Got Friends Monster NX Cub
Asobo/Working Title Longitude
Flying Iron P38L
Blackbird Beaver
PMDG 737-600
Asobo/Mr. Tommy DA62X
Touchingcloud K10AM


Updated & Editorialized:

  • GotGravel Savage Grravel — The little bush monster truck. Great visibility. Gets into and out of anywhere. I grab this when I just want to have silly fun offstrip flying, and that’s often.
  • GotFriends Wilga — Highest quality bush plane in the sim. Amazing flight model. I fly the 80P. Beautiful cockpit. Quirky & has everything I could want in a bush plane.
  • Pilot Experience Maule M7 — A new fav alternate bush plane. Interesting flight model that can be a bit of a challenge. Nice ground handling (tail-up taxiing, sick skidding capabilities lol).
  • Blackbird PC-6 Analog Turbo Porter — Great classic plane for higher altitude bush flying and turboprop hijinks.
  • Blackbird Beaver (Float Variant) — Best float bush plane in the sim IMO and I’ve tried many. Best water handling. Good power. Great model details.
  • Blacksquare Analog Bonanza — My fav GA cruiser, bar none. Go-to for hopping paved strips. De-throned the 414 because I prefer better side visibility. Though beautiful, I also don’t fly the Carenado V-Tail any more.
  • GotGravel Vertigo — I fly this plane when I want to ignore gravity and just zip around darting between clouds. Also often when I rage-quit other types of flying due to whatever random sim & VR issues.
  • GotFriends Mini-500 — My fav heli in the sim. For when I just want something nimble I can throw around. Has great flight modeling.
  • Taog’s Hanger Alouette III — It’s a Wilga in helicopter form. Looks like a tool shed fish tank. Has wheels so you can do donuts.
  • Cowan Sim 500E — This is my cruiser heli. For going fast & stable and hopping between POIs.

New list:

  1. Blackbird C310 - currently doing a South America radio navigation only tour with it. The ownership feeling is amazing. It has everything I expect from a high fidelity GA plane.

  2. Black Square Analog Caravan - great plane for FS Economy. Love everything that is changed by the mod, but the base plane could be better, a sound pack solves some of the issues. I’m very excited to observe how the Analog packages will develop.

  3. Asobo/BB DHC-2 Beaver - favorite plane for hand flying and water starts. Just a very good all-around plane with a very natural feeling flight model. Sadly, will never reach the top because I just love maintenance/failure features that it lacks.

  4. Red Wing F.60 Goliath - newcomer on the list. Finally (!) an old plane in MSFS that doesn’t just feel like an under-powered Cessna. Lovely accurately modeled old instruments that are totally different to the modern six pack, very plausible flight model and tonnes of immersion/failure features. Hits exactly the sweet spot between requiring a lot of attention, but at the same time being already a viable plane that is safe to fly if you know how, and not a suicide-mobile like the very early planes. Could do with some better textures and some additional sounds. I hope Red Wing will improve their all-around audiovisual plane making skills because that’s the only reason they are still being short of being an AAA development studio as far as I can see.

Rest of the list:
5. Gotfriends Wilga
6. DC-3
7. An-2 (will go up after drag patch)
8. Flyingiron P-38 (great, but I kind of lost the appeal after I’ve discovered that it’s almost impossible to break it, so all of the careful engine and shutter management that I did was not needed, because the plane has naturally great cooling in real life, so even flying it like a total goof is perfectly safe).

  1. PMDG DC6 - was on the second place of my prior list, but I just stopped lying to myself. In theory it should be the perfect plane for me (and in the past I’ve almost bought P3D to fly it). It’s a great rendition of the plane and amazing in many ways. But after I’ve learned how to fly it without any assistance, I kind of lost the fun in it, and was only starting it up because it was part of my top quality plane rotation. Maybe the feeling for it will come back someday :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nice write ups guys!

I like that description :rofl:

Which sound pack are you using for the Caravan?

Oh, and, no number 10 for you?

Hi :slight_smile:

9 planes are enough to fly and not get crazy :slight_smile:

I’m using the FTsim one with the patch from Jaydee. Seems to work great, the only downside seems to be that there is no change in engine volume when opening the window (although you do get the remaining environmental outside sounds).

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My list right now I’m waiting for my credit card to go to zero before buying two more planes on my to buy list so 5 planes are on the list the two planes in question is the Fenix a320 and md80 because I’m jumping up and down with great joy that there’s an update with an md 88 :slight_smile:

  1. PMDG 737 800
  2. PMDG 737 700
  3. Asobo ATR
  4. PMDG DC6B
  5. Blackbox Islander

You are right. I hope they will team up with Bluemesh at some point. They seem to share an interest in old, quirky and big planes. And Bluemesh make stunning cockpits.

I just realized I have to make my May list:

#1: Asobo Cessna Citation Longitude.
The bizjet with avionics that work, I just wish it had a HUD and a few more liveries. The FTsim soundpack is really very good.

#2: FBW: A320NX.
Fenix who? This gets updated almost every day. Textures and sound with obsessive level of detail.
Mistery: Why in 3 years they couldn’t create an A321N? I know about the A380 but still, 3 years.

#3: HPG H145.
The one and only helicopter for MSFS, this has trim release, autopilot, all the heli systems.
While some other devs are releasing just a visual model with a rotor.

#4: Flysimware Cessna 414 Chancellor.
Do you think this plane is perfect? Well wrong you are as in some way it will get updated next week.
The team is really behind the product.

#5: FsReborn Sting S4.
It was almost perfect and got updated. The dev is really attentive to details. This is a very underappreciated add-on so I’ll keep it in my list until it gets some attention (?).

#6: JustFlight BAE 146.
Some days I love it and some days I get mad at them for not releasing the UNS and the Avro. Take this as a last warning JustFlight, release something or you disappear from my #6 and that would be a huge blow to your sales (???)

#7: Antonov An-2
A release with almost no bugs, unthinkable, and a very complete product on release, unheard of.
The plane is great and the model makes it justice.

#8: BlackSquare Analog King Air
Not a lot to say here it is a King Air 350 and works as a King Air 350 enough to make it a top-10 plane.

#9: Lockheed L1049 Super Constellation.
This one appears and disappears from my rankings. When you fly it you realize a lot of work was put into this plane and it is a very nice plane to fly.

#10: Azurpoly Transall C160. ()
) Under review. This is a mixed bag. Fantastic sounds, great model, amazing cockpit lighting. The promised custom FMC is not there and the AP can’t even navigate. Lots of things to be added. Will they be added? Then this is a top 3 plane. If not then we open the worst 10 Aircraft thread.


They are very different aircraft from a cockpit point of view. It really depends on your preferences (glass vs. analog, GPS vs. ADF/VOR).

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So let me get this straight. I am removing:

  • EMB110
  • LatinVFR A318
  • LatinVFR A321
  • JF BAE 146
  • CRJ
  • TBM

And adding the Islander. You don’t recommend 5 of those other planes any more?

It’s been a few months but here are my latest.

1. Maule M7 (PilotSimExperience)-- A bit of a challenge to master but I love flying this thing. It’s a powerful and sturdy STOL plane. And it just feels right.

2. Rans S6S (Flyboy Simulations)-- Becoming my go-to LSA for short backcountry bush flights. It will do what a cub does, but in style.

3. Vans RV-10 (SimWorks Studio)-- A great touring plane. As fast as a Bonanza but with better visibility, and it’s more fun to fly. I could see myself owning one of these.

4. Savage Carbon (GotGravel)-- I love just tooling around in this nimble little bird. Great for exploring tight canyons and landing on narrow sand bars.

5. Cessna 170B (Carenado)-- I love the looks of this plane–sleek and curvy yet unassuming. The interior has a great retro look and feel. It’s also a decent bush plane.

6. Kodiak 100 (SimWorks Studio)-- A great plane for longer distance hops. This versatile plane can go just about anywhere.

7. PC-6 Porter (Milviz)-- OK, kind of ugly and slow but it’s great fun to fly. Great for Neofly missions.

8. Cessna 310R (Milviz)-- My go-to twin for longer distance trips. A perfect fit for my Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo set-up. In VR, I’m really inside this cockpit.

9. Sting S4 (FS Reborn)-- I love the visibility in this cute little plane. Perfect for a low and slow sightseeing flight.

10. PA-28 Arrow II (JustFlight)-- The first payware plane I bought for this sim and still one of my favorites. It feels weighty, sturdy, solid, and very real.

Dear Wilga.
It’s not you, it’s me. You are a wonderful aircraft, lovingly crafted, with expert flight and systems modeling, and full of accessories that other aircraft can only dream of. I’ve tried hard to make this relationship work, I really have. But for some reason I’m just not feeling it. I hope we can still be friends.