[Updated] Arrows Across America: fly the US Air Mail routes 1926 - 1934

That’d be awsome Robcap!

Baracus is seeing animals everywhere nowadays… i’ve been following the Wombat conversation on the other channel for the last week :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Yeah, i also used the Google maps to sort of back up the mapping, compare it to what i was seeing ingame on little navmap (the small insert window) but only if i temporarily lost my bearings… i love the runs through the mountains. it’s very much a fun flight, everytime, thanks again!



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:rofl: … I blame that Raging Marsupial fella!


Hi all,

Just a quick one to let you know that @RobCap1966 and I will be at the FSWeekend sim event at the Aviodrome in Lelystad in The Netherlands on March 16th & 17th.

We will be demo’g the next release of Arrows Across America and my work in progress Hadrian’s Wall 180 project..

We will be in the Old Schiphol Building on both days.

It would be great to meet any of you that will also be there.


A Video I assembled from Screenshots with the Music of “Air Mail Special”

Flying the Air Mail

Just fascinated by the time the Mail flew by Air and was guided by Concrete and Lights.


Will anything be posted here afterwards recapping the preview for those who can’t make it?

Just a little update on our work on the Salt Lake City to Omaha route.
Dave placed all the beacons, we decided on which ILF’s to make, and which 3D models to make, to add to the fun.

Few pics.

Rock Springs hangar and airport are done.

The Art Deco hangar at Lincoln.
Still needs texturing and adding details, like windows, hangar doors, flagpoles, etc.

And the finished hangar at Omaha.

We all still need to put the building in their appropriate spot, or near it (we take some artistic freedom gere and there)


Yep, we will make sure that everything is shared here as well.


Man, architecture was something else back then :sob:


That’s why I like to try to recreate it, so we can exprerience how it must have been in the past.