Updated: Vertigo - Turbo Prop Racer (v2.00 / Dec 31)

The core G3X Asobo code doesn’t have the AP Panel enabled.

You’d need to install the WT G3X Mod, which among other things restored the AP panel. Unfortunately, that Mod is also now deprecated since about Q1 this year. If you have other aircraft that also use the G3X, it may interfere with it as those planes may rely on the Asobo coded one, or their own. In either case, the WT Mod would override them and potentially cause unintended effects.

JayDee’s GTN750 On Others Mod is very reliable, which is what GotGravel is using as a method of overlaying the PMS 750 onto the G3X MFD. I’ve gotten that to work successfully on the SWS RV-10 which normally would only allow a GTN650 (the half-height version of the 750) to appear vice the WT GNS430. I managed to get it to show the full 750 on the upper screen which would normally be the G3X MFD.

Not in mine it isn’t.

I had heard that the Asobo G3X (which integrated the WT mod, and is not default) is supposed to have AP functionality. I’m guessing it does with other marketplace planes. The Vertigo is a 3rd party plane, so I’m not surprised that there are issues with the G3X.

The reason I posted above is that it doesn’t work in my Vertigo.
Like you said, I don’t want to install the WT mod, because I don’t want it to cause problems in other planes.

I’m going to try out the PMS GTN750 Premium mod next Thursday. I don’t mind paying for it. After all, I got this awesome Vertigo for free.

The WT mod is an authentic one and it does not cause any issue at all. I have been using it for two years without any problem.

Of course it’s authentic. The problem is that it’s been deprecated, and Microsobo recommends unistalling it since they incorporated it in the default G3X. Unfortunately, they didn’t activate the AP.
You installed the WT mod, and it works for you. That’s great!

Do you have VNAV, ALT, VS, HDG on the WT G3X in your Vertigo?

Yes, I do. Use them all the time.

And Microsoft advised to remove the G3000 WT mod after AAU1.

When an AAU addresses G3X aircraft, I’ll remove the WT files then.

“With the remainder of the Garmins and CJ4 Flight Management Systems integrated into the core sim code, Working Title is no longer supporting the G3X 0.1.0 Community Mod. You can remove this mod, and the sim will use the Asobo G3X code, which is the only officially supported version now.”

“You know you have to remove completely all other versions of this mod? There should not be any G1000nxi mod or folder anymore in your Community folder. The mod is installed through the Marketplace/Content Manager now since it is default.”

Isn’t a simple solution to use Add ons linker? Use that to load the deprecated WT mod when you fly the Vertigo only?

I believe the issue is that the mod is unmaintained and may become progressively more broken over time, so using it at all is not recommended.

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Understood. I have not used the aircraft in a while so I do not know if the mod stiil works or not. The last time I flew it the mod was still OK. I meant that, if it is still working OK FOR NOW, one can continue using it for the Vertigo only until it stops working? Not ideal but possibly a temporary option?

Well sure, but if it works for the Vertigo it’ll work for the others too. No reason to link it to the aircraft really.

The reason I suggested linking only when flying the Vertigo is that I believe the in-sim version now has greater functionality than the mod and you would lose this with the mod loaded. Some might consider that a worth while price to pay to have the AP


Ah, if so then yes that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Yes, I still use it for exactly that reason.

See What's happening with the G3X?

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I just got the latest free Vertigo from Got Friends and l’d be very interested in getting it to work with the GTN 750. Did you get the premium version to work with the Vertigo, and if so, would you mind sharing instructions on how to enable it?

My understanding is there was a way to rename the panel.cfg before but there doesn’t seem to be a GTN 750 version of that file in the latest version.

The panel rename doesn’t work anymore. I have the Premium version of the GTN 750, and the panel just refuses to appear. It persists as the G3X “MFD.”

Last comment I got on this from @DigitalJonx - maybe @GotGravel can weigh in?

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