Updates for Carenado M20R and C182T available - but

So yeah, it seems Carenado’s planes are now ready to be downloaded. The problem is now we have to wait on another patch from Asobo. Like we haven’t waited long enough already. :confused:

To make it even more confusing…

Yet, the game is currently 1.11.7, so newer than what the planes require.

Seems like another case of publishing something without testing first.

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However the planes are not broken anymore following the two mini patches.
Stop worrying, when the update comes it will get installed. Go fly :grinning:

Transponders are still broken for a lot of people. Mine are.

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From Mooney M20R Basic Information

Howdy, the team is aware and you can expect an update later today to fix this: Marketplace Bug - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums