Upgrade Garmin G3X to NXi Standards

Bottom-line: I Wish for the G3X to be upgraded to NXi Standards. It will be deprecated at some point.

Background: At some point in the near future as of this post’s creation date, the Working Title Mod for the G3X will be deprecated. When that happens, the only option for PC and XBox users will be to revert to the stock G3X, which is lacking in some basic features that we as sim flyers have come to expect with even the early versions of Working Title Mods. Kindly participate here to get this item the visibility it deserves. Thanks!

It is highly possible that G3X will follow the same path as Nxi and that working title mod will become de default one.

Nope. Current intentions are to deprecate the mod unless MS changes their mind. It’s all about resourcing and money. Someone has to pay WT to make those changes and reallocate the work they have to do after the Garmin and CJ4 refreshes are done.

How do they “deprecate” it? Just cease the distribution? At the moment it hasn’t been updated in more than a year, and is little different from the stock one (originally the biggest upgrade was adding a wind speed indicator I guess).

But I’d be happy with upgrade on the G3X. Since this is a more basic navigation system used largely on planes that wouldn’t normally do a precision instrument approach or similar, I think the upgrade should be focused on visuals and information presentation (e.g. weather, traffic, heck I don’t think you can even find airport height from it currently).

Yep. It’s a freeware Mod, so there’s no obligation to continue to update it, even for the QoL (Quality of Life) tweaks it’s received since inception.

Actually one of the biggest improvements was putting a velocity vector in the PFD, which is essential to any Garmin GPS beyond the 530/430.

Plus WT is getting paid to enhance and transform various aspects of the sim after the current round of FMS refreshes. While I don’t doubt their sincerity and goodwill (they did start as a Mod freeware provider and are very much enthusiasts and supporters of both the sim and ecosystem) keeping up freeware mods doesn’t pay the bills or fulfill their assigned duties contractually to MS.

The only way I can see getting G3X updated is to put it on the radar for MS-Asobo leadership to say yea or nay.


Please Asobo, pick up the reigns and update this Avionics system! I really would love to use it to activate the Autopilot on several aircraft

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Both the stock G3X and the WT G3X are still available and still work to provide autopilot functions. Though not being improved, they’re not being deprecated. They simply don’t provide the bells and whistles of other systems. But they’re still useful with the VL-3, Icon A-5, etc., as far as I know.

VL-3 as modeled by Asobo doesn’t have the AP. You’d need to edit the CFG file for it (not sure if it will work with default Asobo G3X).

I’ll definitely miss the Velocity Vector/Flight Path Marker. That’s literally a standard on any PFD Garmin today.

Pretty sure the VL-3 AP will work stock if you give it the “autopilot available = 1” treatment.

I expect it’s been shelved (as you said) until MS request it, or until WT have finished their work on the G1000NXI, the GNS 430/530, and the CJ4.

They (hopefully) might pick it up again as a freeware mod at a much later date when they’ve finished the development of the others.

I have a couple of questions:

  • Are WT also working on the G3000/G5000 for MS too?

  • What stock aircraft use the G3X? (and is it worth adding this to the OP?)

Yes, G3000, improved Longitude and enhanced TBM will be delivered in January as part of Aircraft and Avionics Update No. 1.

Not to mention popular third party makes like the Sting S4, the RV-14, etc.

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Wow! It’s understandable why it’s depreciated for now (if MS don’t commission them for it).

CJ4, Longitude, TBM930, G3000/5000, G1000NXI, GNS 430/530… They’ve certainly got their hands full.

That’s six base game aircraft, and those third party ones! I hope they do commission WT to improve the G3X.

It doesn’t make sense to me to improve all the other avionics systems, (including the G5000 specific to only one aircraft), and leave out the G3X which is featured in all of the above.


The G3X seems very popular in bush planes and light sport aircraft, which are among my faves for VFR flying, including a number of both stock and third-party planes.

It would be a real shame if no G3X updates get made with the AAU series. I’d even be happy to buy it as a separate product add-on for it if necessary, though I’d prefer it be correctly done in the base game.


About the best we can do is link it with the GTN750.


I would like the G3X to be updated as well. I can’t seem to be able to set the barometer using my Xbox controller. It affects multiple aircraft.

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Please update the G3X, I rely on it for 3rd party aircraft (I almost always fly the Velocity XL).

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I vault this, PLEASE UPDATE G3x to fully functional G1000 NXi std. The top of my list planes uses G3x (RV-10, RV-14 and some other experimental)

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Both TDS GTNxi 750 and PMS GTN 750 are not available on Xbox, the only way to improve light sport aircraft experience is to improve default G3X.

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The G3x is an embarrassment to the sim community. Kerbals space program 2 in early access beta has better UI functionality than the stock 3gx ever will. Hope the folks at WT can help.


With so many GA aircraft that is out for the sim that uses G3X it would be amazing for the G3X avionics to get a overhaul up to similar stands we see with the G1000 and G3000/G5000.

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