Upgrade option useable when gamepass subscription ends?

I am currently started with the Basic Version on Gamepass, as i am a member already. If i buy within the Simulator’s Marketplace the upgrade to Premium Deluxe and in some time i wanna maybe end Gamepass, is that Premium Deluxe upgrade lost? Can i use it outside Gamepass as a normal desktop version? Or do i need to buy the standard version (outside gamepass) additionaly to the upgrade? Then i would pay much more then the Premium Deluxe costs at all… Maybe someone noticed a statement on that topic? :blue_heart: Happy flying@all! Enjoy…

Hi there,

Not 100% sure, but this might answer your question:

If you buy DLC for a game and that game leaves the Xbox Game Pass catalogue, your rights to the DLC will not be affected. To keep playing the DLC, you need to buy the game itself from the Microsoft Store or on disc. As long as you were signed in to Xbox Live the last time you played, your achievements, game saves, and game progress will all be there. Resume playing right where you left off.

Source: https://support.xbox.com/help/subscriptions-billing/manage-subscriptions/xbox-game-pass-faq


The deluxe upgrade is treated as DLC content, so if you unsubscribe you’ll lose access to the base game and the DLCs. But you still own the DLC, you just can’t play it without buying the base game or re-subscribe to game pass.

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I have a similar question. Took advantage of special offer to get my first game pass. Have installed sim. I now want to go ahead and buy super deluxe version so expect I will cancel my game pass and buy new version from MS. Will I have to reinstall the whole lot or only the extras that come with the enhanced version?

You shouldn’t have to re-install anything.

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@Rakon1982 Is the premium/deluxe upgrade option available for Game Pass users? Can you check? How much does it cost?

For people who are unfamiliar with how Game Pass works, there are two ways you can get higher tiered versions/upgrades.

  1. DLC packs: These will be much cheaper, and for MSFS, I don’t expect that to cost more than the price difference, i.e., no more than $60 for premium deluxe. It includes only the packages that are specific to that edition. These will be disabled if the game pass subscription expires.
  2. Edition buyout: These are full versions of an upgraded edition, which often you get to purchase at a slight discounted rate if you are on Game Pass. It includes the base edition as well, so it doesn’t get disabled if the subscription expires.
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Thanks for your answer,
if i get you right the packs that are offered in the Ingame marketplace are then, according to the pricing, no dlc packs, they are “edition buyouts”? (Slightly discounted rate but with basic game/sim included and outside gamepass “standalone” working?)

From what I can see, as of now, there is only the option to buyout the higher editions in full. I don’t have access yet (Eastern US); once I do, I’ll be able to see how they’ve structured the upgrade paths.

Why are people trying to get around the fact that you will have to pay for what you get? If you are worried about having access to the full premium deluxe and are trying to edge out the baseline price, I am sorry I have no sympathy for you. Game pass gets you the base game for super cheap, you can’t expect to get a free game essentially by upgrading on top of a game pass copy and then cancelling your game pass subscription. Let’s be real here.

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No one is trying to get around paying. I have paid for game pass since its launch and have till two more years. And will probably continue after that as well. So the question obviously comes up if you can download the extra packages by paying for that only.

Of course, people who are just paying $1 to get into game pass and then buy the upgrade packages (if they exist) cannot expect those to keep working after the month ends.

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If Game Pass ends and you only have the upgrade, then you will no longer have access until you buy the base game.

Edit: Additionally, you can always just renew Game Pass, they’re definitely adding more great titles. Should start to boom after this holiday.

Thanks Jeff! :blue_heart: I pay monthly my subscription since over a year and you call me cheap… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am thinking about getting an upgrade Microsoft offers me officially and want to pay for it additionally to my monthly fee and i am expecting to get something for free? Come on Jeff, do the math, after how much month i pay more then the Premium Deluxe costs? If i pay around 90bucks for an upgrade i want to know if i can keep it.
Maybe you should calm down a little, try to relax a bit, maybe roleplay a bit in GTA V… By the way, did you pay for your premium deluxe? As far as i know content creator like you should have got the game for free, right? So please :shushing_face: or to quote the Airline Pilot Guy show: “shut up, jeff” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you said it yourself you were going to end the game pass, this was by passing paying for the base game. You created this topic because of that. In my eyes that looks like you want to pay for the base game for a buck and then cancel expecting the upgrades and base game to be readily available. No I did not get a free copy of the game, I paid for the premium deluxe version and am currently downloading as we speak. I am not upset, I just don’t get the logic and it seems to be everywhere.

This is by no means what i have written. “…and in some time i wanna maybe end Gamepass…” In fact my subscription of gamepass ultimate is already payed until end of 2022. If it ends someday then i want to know if i own the “garmin upgrade” i bought with the leasing car or if the upgrade needs to be returned @ the end of leasing period. I just asked what exactly i am getting here, to stay with that picture if i get a mobile garmin device or an integrated that cannot be ripped out… Microsoft has its “play anywhere” strategy (gamepass/PC/XBox/Steam), so that was a pretty reasonable question. Please read more carefully, its not always what your biases tell you… :kissing_heart:

How has this not been addressed oficially? I have the same question and there is no way to find out. Microsoft NEEDS to clarify if they are interested into upselling… In the marketplace description it’s completely unciear. And to everyon calling gamepass people cheap - many of us have been subbed for years and supported xbox studios so please calm down

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To add to this speculation the FAQ for Gamepass for PC has the following:

How do member discounts work?

Love a game currently in the library and want to own it? You can buy it and save up to 20%, plus get up to 10% off related game DLC and add-ons. Discounts are based on the Microsoft Store price and are tiered based on the game’s global launch date. Between 31 and 90 days from a game’s launch date, members receive up to a 10% discount off the Microsoft Store price. After 90 days from a game’s launch date, members receive up to a 20% discount. For game DLC and add-ons, Xbox Game Pass members receive up to a 10% discount from the day the add-on is released. Xbox Game Pass discounts are not combinable with other offers and are not redeemable for cash; discount offers exclude games within 30 days of launch and are not available with select games; discounts based on Microsoft Store price.

You will also notice that the price of the Upgrade is used to get FlightSim credits that are cashed in right away as you purchase the upgrade.

They also offer the deluxe (Standard???) as an option to buy, but the gamepass already gave you access to that, so if you purchase you own it.

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It is common sense I believe. I don’t know if you have an Xbox and Game Pass, but they make it very clear that you need to own the base game in order for it to work. You have access, but don’t actually own it, there’s the rub.

So if you purchase the upgrade but didn’t actually fork over the original $60USD, then you’ll lose access once your Game Pass ends until you purchase the standard edition. It’s the same with EA Access. Otherwise, people would get Game Pass for PC or Ultimate, download all these games, fork over a couple bucks for an upgrade, and now they’re swindled for tons of cash for games games don’t actually own and tried to cheat devs.

They will know if you own the game or not. Should you want to cancel, just read what DA40CGDFQ quoted and wait a month before canceling so you can get it for 10% off. Or buy a key somewhere online for cheaper if it’s available. Perhaps there’ll be a sale during the holidays and it’s extremely cheap, I dunno.

So I also think this is a good question.

In the market place you have 3 options that I see as a game pass holder.

  1. Deluxe upgrade at 79.99
  2. Premium deluxe upgrade 89.99
  3. Premium upgrade 99.99

So the question then becomes, if one buys the 99.99 upgrade, then has to for some reason cancel game pass, in the end they would have paid almost $160 for the sim? If so wouldn’t it be better to just buy the premium deluxe at the $120 that is $40 cheaper?

Are those prices that I listed the same for ones who do not have game pass and just bought the standard version?


Also I can’t figure out why Premium deluxe upgrade is $10 less while it suppose to be the most expensive one. I’m also using game pass and would like to upgrade but not sure which one to buy and what if game pass expire.

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Shhhh! quiet! Don’t let on. :no_mouth: