Upgrade option useable when gamepass subscription ends?

Same question here. Have to search for an official statement somewhere. 1. Will I own the product if I end - for whatever reason - my XBox Game Pass, after upgrading for the listed prices showed below ? 2. Why the Premium is more expensive than the Premium Deluxe ?

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I just had a quite long chat with microsoft’s service.

They confirmed that the ingame “Upgrades” are handled like DLCs. The base game is NOT included!
So if u want to use one of that different upgrades u need always an active gamepass subscription.
If you end the subscription u loose the access to your pricy upgrades… :roll_eyes:
It is intended that you can buy instead of the gamepass subscription the base game to regain your access but she didn’t confirm that… so i guess this will be possible but who knows.

They said that the descriptions of the ingame upgrade offers will be revised and clarified.

Given that price points the ingame upgrade options don’t make much sense if you add always 70€ for the base game to it, to really own the full version, so i will pass on that and stay with the base game for now.

Cheers! :blue_heart:

Interesting I got the opposite. You buy it you own it, it’s linked to your account. Cancel gamepass you have the full sim. We will see I bought it. (I also kept my correspondence with MS.) :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree it is all messed up.

Also why would the Standard version be for sale there too? Seems strange to sell the standard (Deluxe??) version when you are already in gamepass using the standard version.

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Hi. Would it be possible to post the correspondence with ms? I can’t seem to get through to anyone


Unfortunatly i chatted with her and did not copy it, it would have been in german anyways so… maybe try yourself at working hours @ xbox live. You have the option chat or phone, i had chosen email for documentation purposes but that isn’t avail…

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Hey Rakon, thanks for the reply. I was actually asking DA40CGDFQ as he mentioned he kept his. I will try that email though. Cheers!

Here’s what I have.

Now that I read it again - see the last line. I may be screwed. :thinking:

I have gamepass for the PC. I see there is a buy and download for the Microsoft Flight SImulator Premium Deluxe upgrade bundle. Is this a digital copy that I will own even if I cancel my gamepass in the future?

August 19, 2020, 9:22 pmRon
Okay please hold on

August 19, 2020, 9:23 pmSenthikuma
Yes it is the digital copy

August 19, 2020, 9:24 pmSenthikuma
Is it the full game or just addon?

August 19, 2020, 9:24 pmRon
It is an full game

August 19, 2020, 9:25 pmSenthikuma
If i get a new computer in the future, how would I have the game available to me in the future - it’s 100 Gigs so disks are not an option.

August 19, 2020, 9:26 pmRon
In new PC you need to sign in with the account in which you purchased the game pass and download the game again.

August 19, 2020, 9:27 pmSenthikuma

Edit - Ya I’m screwed. Seems you can buy the Premium upgrade, and you can by the Deluxe upgrade separately, or buy both in one package. So going to have to buy the standard at some point too. It will end up costing me $10 - 15$ more than if I bought the download from the store. :unamused:

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Well thanks for posting anyway. I just have gamepass atm. I think I’ll stay with that then until Steam has the premium/deluxe on sale. If I could upgrade at a decent cost with microsoft I would do that now. But I do like the way steam stores its games files and folders a heck of a lot better than ms does it, so in the long run this may be good. Just have to wait

I am on the Game Pass:

Here are the Upgrade prices:

Strangely, i cannot figure out why the lower “Premium” is more expensive than the “Premium Deluxe”

It’s similar in other countries too. I’m in Canada and premium deluxe is 109.99 but premium only is like 128. After going through a number of threads its seems the the concensus that the upgrades do not include the base game. Meaning when gamepass expires you need to buy standard to have these upgrades still working

well at 4.99 a month, that’s nothing to me. compared to the EA Origin @ 14.99 and UPlay + @ 14.99 which i also have…

Gamepass is here to stay for me. plus it gives me Forza and a few other titles i actively play.

I think it’s a great deal for most games. Only issue I have with it is finding where my games are installed. Folders are hidden etc. I dislike that. And sometimes it doesn’t give me the option of what drive to install to, just starts installing on c:.

I actually have gamepass for a couple more years… so I could buy the upgrade and standard should go on sale during that time. But I’m leaning towards steam because for games I know I want to own for a long time, its better.

I heared that in case of MSFS (and the download size?) Steam only provides a launcher that links you to the MS installer and downloads it maybe exactly the same way into the same folders, so maybe nothing different on Steam.

Imagine that some companies maybe employ folks that aren’t that interested in the stuff they selling and therefore not crosscheck it. It’s simply an error… or you make it look like an error and provide in that way a discount you otherwise cannot give because the MS Store buyer would complain then… whatever.
I believe in human error! :blue_heart:

Hey DA40CGDFQ, I do not see that you need to purchase the base game. Of course you have to login with the same account your gamepass runs, because that is the account you purchased the package with and the digital license is tied to that account.
In the german store, the description of the Premium Deluxe Upgrade also states that this includes the full game. I am in line with chat support since 45 minutes now and I hope to get a slot and a person who will tell me the same :wink:

Update: I got my slot and I got the confirmation that the Upgrade package from the in-game Marketplace is the full game and I will keep it when I cancel the game pass. I asked again if it is exactly the same package as I can buy from the Windows Store for a much higher price and I got the confirmation yes, and that this upgrade package is just a better deal.

These microsoft hotline guys and gals are really funny, totally contradicting statements… :roll_eyes:

Do you know if it will show up as a product owned in our Xbox App or Microsoft Store when the game pass ends? I asked about this to support but didn’t get an answer, and also, in my country, the description it says that it includes the base game with the upgrades.

Edit: they just answer it, but I think it was a computer answer or something they just send me the Xbox DLC thing. The problem it’s that in the marketplace it’s not marked as a DLC and in the description it says it’s the upgrade plus everything else from Microsoft Flight Simulator.

If you buy it from Microsoft it will show in the Microsoft Store app and Xbox app under games owned.

that makes no sense, it clearly says “gives you access to MFSF 2020 and 10 additional planes and airports”. How would you lose access to the “gives you access to the MSFS 2020” part then?

Here what I got from MS support:

Thanks for contacting us regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It looks like this representative gave you an incorrect answer. The Upgrades are DLCs—they do not contain the base sim.

If you purchase DLC and add-ons for a game that later leaves the Game Pass PC catalog or if you cancel your subscription, your DLC and add-ons will not be removed. However, to continue playing the DLC and add-ons, you’ll need to purchase a digital copy of the game from the Xbox app or the Microsoft Store, play from a disc, or obtain another form of entitlement to continue playing the game.

Make sure to visit the Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) FAQ. More information is also available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta) official page.

We will escalate the transcript of the conversation to our contacts at Xbox Live Support.

Best regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team

So asked for a refund and got it. Had to try three times.