Upgraded from i7-6700k to i7-10700k

Was getting decent performance before, but now it’s truly spectacular. If you’re on the fence about upgrading your cpu, I can confirm that I see a large and noticable upgrade in performance. I’m playing at 2560x1600, high/ultra everything, LODs both set to 175. MSI 2080 Super.
Beautiful and smooth performance! I feel like I’m ready for VR when my pre-ordered Reverb G2 shows up :slight_smile:


I just got the i7 10700K and I agree, spectacular smooth performance at 4K high/ultra with 3200 ram and 2080S.

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What motherboard do you have?

What was your previous CPU setting?
Default? OC?
Please give some details ( frequency) about both
Thank you

Previous cpu was an i5 7600K OC’d to 4.5. My new board is a Gigabyte z490 Aorus Elite ac. The new 10700K is OC’d to 4.9 but it runs great (maybe even smoother, need to do more testing) without the overclock. My CPU never seems to go more than 45% GPU 90 to 95%. Cheers

MSI Z490 Tomahawk

Previous i7-6700k was OC’d to 4.4Ghz. I haven’t OC’d the 10700k yet, just running stock

what kind of memory?

G Skill Trident 3200 cl16 32GB

3200mhz g skill ripjaws v, 32gb

Yeah, and for those with what they consider “high end”, with a GPU better than my 1080 yet I get much better frame rates than them, the in-sim FPS counter would tell them they are CPU limited.

I am currently GPU limited, so expect to see some gains from the new Nvidia cards. You need both a good CPU, and GPU, to get good frame rates, but it looks like a 4 year old GPU is better than a 4 year old CPU.

With my i5-6600 I was getting good performance across all the alpha/beta phases but now suffer from great stutters caused by the CPU at 100% constantly.
Don’t know what they did with the release version to screw this up

my configuration with an i5 6600K @4.2 / MSI RTX 2070 Super gives me steady 60fps in airliner and even 80+ in smaller aircrafts. Honestly before that I was thinking about an upgrade as well.
What’s the trick? Let the ATC / CAMERA/ ~ tabs show as own windows and not managed by the sim. Minimize them to the task bar and enjoy a perfomance boost by almost double frames.

Conclusion: There is really no need to upgrade your CPU even if you own an older CPU. That’s my opinion :wink:

Which FPS counter are you using? The Nvidia overlay one, right?

Question to you both that changed motherboard and Cpu.
Im thinking to do the same.
Did you have to reinstall Windows 10(C:) or Is just to upgade and reboot?

Can you please explain how this is done?

I’ve got a 6700, to upgrade I guess I’d have to replace CPU, motherboard, RAM. correct?

Im planning to updprade from i5-8400 to i9-9900k which is almost max my board can handle (MSI Z-350 Mortar) hoping to get decent results too :sunglasses: I will add another 16GB to have 32GB total. Then i can add a 3080 when available (still on 1080).
Anyone have a i9-9900k running?

Im running an i9-9900k oc to 4.9 across all cores, stock evga rtx 2080TI XC, 32gb 3000 ram, sim/game is installed on a samsung 970+ m.2 ssd

I can crank it all up to ultra but if i set terrain lod over 100 it really starts to chew and ram usage shoots up.

I cant complain im running at average of 60+ fps, I have made a post about the terrain LOD slider vs the texture settings, I think it’s broken.


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Inside the sim you have got the hidden tool bar.

  1. disable all buttons you don’t really need.
  2. click on ATC control and it pops up as expected.
  3. Then click onto the maximize button.

Now ATC has its on window and can be sent to the task bar. After a few seconds your frames should increase. Do the same with the camera control.

In the A320 sometimes it takes up to 20 seconds to see the effect.