Upgrading from 32gb to 64gb RAM, is it worth it to reduce the stutters?

Hey folks,

I have the following PC:
32gb RAM
Running on 2K screen

I have noticed that the sim is getting more and more hungry for RAM, for example I noticed over London Photogrammetry, the physical RAM jump to over 90% usage and I was wondering, does it make sense to upgrade to 64gb in order to reduce the stutters? Of course I don’t expect FPS increase but more of decreasing the annoying stutters. For those with 64GB RAM, would be nice if you can share thoughts on this topic.


My rig has 64Gig RAM and I am generally happy with the performance of the sim (I fly exclusively in VR). But in dense areas or around some payware airports I still get stutters…

do you have an idea how much does your MSFS use from the 64gb RAM?

There are bigger issues here than just a RAM upgrade can fix. It won’t hurt, but whether or not you’ll see any improvement is just a guess. If you already have 32, you’re not likely to see much of an improvement. Even with 64 GB in my system ( I have that for other purposes, not specifically MSFS), I’ve never really seen the sim use more than the mid-20GB range.

Despite that, I’m one of the seriously affected users from the UK and SU3 updates having dropped from 40-45 fps down into the teens and low 20s. 64GB did nothing for that.


Ah I see, I am as well hesitant about it, is not about the money, is more about is it really helpful. Maybe will be a smart idea is to wait for the promised performance optimizations with DX12 release, in the Q&A specifically they mentioned there are many optimizations on the memory side.
In regarding to the SU3 performance, indeed I was also part of the “unlucky” group with the performance issues where my FPS tanked to 25ish from 40ish. However, in my side, I have enabled page file to use something like 64GB from my NVM M.2 and that fixed the issue and I managed to get similar performance as I used to before. However, I still have these annoying FPS drops for few seconds as many reported. Asobo definitely screwed something up

32gb RAM should be plenty. While running the game check the memory usage.

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If you had 16GB and were looking to move to 32 or more, then I’d wholeheartedly encourage that. With 32, you shouldn’t need more for MSFS. If you need more for other tasks, then by all means, get the RAM you need.

I have 64, but it’s not for MSFS. It’s for my other content creations and astrophotography processing tools that benefit from it. Although I wouldn’t consider running a gaming PC in 2021 with less than 32GB.


A couple of things about this.

Thing the first.
At 32Gb installed I never really saw my physical memory being taxed higher than 16Gb
For a day or so after throwing 2 more sticks into the rig it felt like I was having smoother performance and no stutters.
And then came the update that tanked my performance completely so it’s really impossible to say if I have benefitted from that upgrade at all.

Thing the second.
I simply added 2 more sticks into a 4 slot dual channel motherboard. This throws all sorts of hardware performance issues into the mix including but not limited to…
Less space around memory = memory runs much warmer.
More memory/all slots populated = more strain on memory controller.
While both sets are the exact same SKU they were not bought as a matched 4 stick kit and it turns out that G.Skill have switched silicon from Samsung B die to Hynix.
The combination of all the above results in CPU Overclocking limitations I did not see previously.

I should probably have sold off my old 32gb pair and replaced with as fast a 64Gb dual channel 2 stick kit as I could find.

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32GB of ram is more than enough for this simulator. The simulator is more CPU bound than anything.


There are bugs in the core program. Nothing we can do will fix that. 32gb is plenty for the sim. I have 32gb and it never, ever gets used up.


Thanks a lot guys for the advice. Then I won’t upgrade my RAM, at least for this year. I am curious to see how they will optimize the sim in summer with DX12 release

Check this out I took the plunge with going from 32gb to 64gb ram and was pleasantly surprised
I also use a ram cache to make use of all the spare ram, as it’s quicker for the cpu to get data from ram storage than your storage device. It also brought the render time down slightly and the mainthread was in the green before it would be yellow with red spikes which would cause a stutter.

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Yeah, I upgraded from 32 to 64 DDR4 and no change. My biggest problem is my CPU is the biggest slacker which will require a new MOBO, so I’m looking at a completely new build this year or perhaps early next.

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The performance standard for XBOX games is 120 fps at 1080p and 60 fps at 4K. While the XBOX hardware is actually more capable than the PC the majority of folks are running with MSFS, most users are targeting 30+ fps, even at 1080p. I’m not sure how they’re going to pull that off without seriously dumbing down the sim. You can bet that’s what all this optimization they’re talking about is targetted towards.

They say that PC users will benefit from it. I can see how in terms of frame count, but if that comes at the cost of lowered graphics draw distance, lowered fidelity, etc, then that cost is far too high.

If they think simmers are a tough crowd to please, wait until 15 year old Timmy & Co. and reviewers can’t get 120 fps @ 1080p or 60fps @ 4K on MSFS with the XBOX Series X…

To be honest as a console owner for all my younger life until 2 years ago, as long as the game ran smooth I never even thought about the games fps, there was also no way of seeing the fps count. Wasn’t until I got into pc gaming and specifically flight sims that I even worried about the fps.

You can’t get a number, but you can feel that difference. 30 fps is a fine, playable frame rate for a civilian flight sim. As long as you can consistently run 30 fps and frame times are consistent ( to prevent chop, pauses and stutters), you’re golden.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel the difference.

Sit on the apron in your plane’s cockpit and look around. Now, exit the flight and go for the internal view of your plane in the hangar where you should be able to get a butter smooth 50+ fps. You’ll definitely see and feel the difference.

They did a study, 16 vs 32 GB ram, no big difference.

What they found was the biggest thing was a 6 core CPU with a matching video card…

For an example, gtx 1660 super for 1080, but if you used a very high card that gets bottlenecked by CPU, you got more stuttering .

The sweet spot was gpu utilization of 95%m plus.

This is why some high cost rigs have problems.

Got 64Gb in my rig and I went from stutter free to stutter city with the latest update, e.g. flying over London/Southern England. I don’t think having any more physical memory will fix that/improve it at all.

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MSFS/Win10 does weird memory allocation when you monitor that, there’s no ‘logic’ to that, has always been this way, you just have to experiment (I run 64GB / a measly GTX 1080).

Fortunately Firefox quit grabbing 100% of ‘free’ memory, which was the biggest disaster lately.

Due to overall bad memory optimization with MSFS in its current state… 32GB of RAM should be minimal requirement. I haven’t had a single crash since upgrading to 32GB