Upvoting for removing 'Press Any Key to Start'

I really don’t see any reason to have ‘Press Any Key To Start’. I’ve already started FS202 when I started FS2020. I don’t mind the splash screens, but I just want to FLY!!. So after I start FS2020, why do I need to wait for the ‘Press Any Key to Start’ screen when I have already started it? And then have to wait again. To me, this really doesn’t make any sense at all. Why can’t it just skip ‘Press Any Key to Start’ and START!!!
Is there a hidden reason for this your not telling us about?
This is the most annoying and most useless moment of this game. I can’t believe all your Beta Testers didn’t complain about this.

The same wonder here… :thinking:

Yes please remove or add settings for this

Yes please!

In the last Q&A, they said it is an easy fix! It has been in the top of the the wish list for a while but seems like what is easy and top in wish list have the the lowest priority…

Please remove this, it is a complete inconvenience. Already have to wait ages for the sim to load, so being able to launch it, then go and make a cuppa, and be ready to go when I come back would be greatly appreciated.

In response to my earlier post I made a quick mock-up of what I think the start-up sequence should look like. Replacing the “Press Any Key to Start” step with a brief preview of the logo (which does not appear anywhere in the simulator) looks a lot more professional in my opinion.


Wow, well-done, looks much more like a pro product :slight_smile:
Maybe too pro for the new audience, some marketing people wants to see in FS :shushing_face:

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Maybe they could turn it on to “Press any key when you want to watch full video intro”. :slight_smile: :thinking:
When you press nothing you get directly to the game menu through loading screen.

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Look for this to be incorporated in Update #4, coming out on Tuesday. [UPDATE] October 8th, 2020 Development Update

Edit: Sounds like it didn’t make it in the recent update after all. One of our Community Managers is checking into it.


Sorry if this has already been said somewhere above but I just press a mouse or controller button to get past this screen (which I agree is pointless) as my k/board doesn’t respond either.

1737 Thanks for each of the voters and for the open sprite of all developers :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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The problem is not really the “press any key” button, it is the time loading after.

A very simple way is to load everything before showing “press any key” to go instantaneously in the menu when we press the key.

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Got what?? got the last Patch and Press any is still there ::smiley:

:laughing: Geez that is sad I’m sorry.

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FSJumpStarter2020 starts FS without the intros and skips the “press any key” screen automatically for you: [MOD] Start FS without waiting for "Press Any Key" screen

Dear Post readers :slight_smile:
I have fond the bellow message from the moderator in another post for the same issue

This is being fixed but is not quite ready for release.
– For more info contact @Nyx1819

I was limited in the amount of text I could put in the banner quoted by @KlikToy. Here is the quote my memo was based on:

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I don’t mind to go shopping to come back to find MSFS2020 is sill booting but don’t want it to stop on the “press any key” :stuck_out_tongue:

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This item was delivered as part of Update 5 (