Upvoting for removing 'Press Any Key to Start'

-FastLaunch should remove this text like is removing logos.

edit: you can also vote here:
I created this topic because of my poor search skills :wink:

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Waiting for 1,000,000 votes :joy:


I see no reason for that screen and the requirement to press a key. What’s worse is that now pressing a key has no effect, and I can’t get any response; I have to kill FS with Task Manager. So FS 2020 is useless for me.


Press any key and please wait and wait and wait and wait… sure you can uninstall, it is a free world out there :wink:


There’s already a popular post located in #self-service:wishlist that you can vote on.

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I see no way to vote

Try the below :slight_smile:

Thanks. My bad, I searched only bugs part not the whole forum. How can I delete this topic now? Looks like I am not allowed.

Are you using -FastLaunch? While using this sometimes pressing anything on “press any key” is not working. Without -FastLaunch I have no problems.

No worries! You can’t delete the actual topic yourself, but you can remove your initial message by clicking the three dots under your post and selecting the trash bin icon.

Best solution is to edit your original topic with the link to the other to vote there that way people like me who get directed here can vote there too, which i did.

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I up vote for this and also offer a suggestion as a compromise… while that screen is on we could be preloading the assets in the background :+1:

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Yes please remove or add settings for this.

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I’m not acquainted with “FastLaunch”; I expect that if I were using it, I’d know that. Maybe not, though…

Yea please remove as it is unnecessary. I already launch the simulator and ofc i want to start dont need to ask anymore.


I agree there should be a setting to turn it on or off.

I personally don’t mind it.

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Absolutely I vote to delete this page!!:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It’s in the wishlist because it’s not a bug, hence there was no bug thread for it

I think it is a bug. -FastLaunch option should skip all additional logos/videos/things. Right now this is only skipping logos and I think “any key” also should be skipped with this option because waiting for “any key” is not a fast launch :wink:

edit: for people who don’t know what is fast launch:
Under Steam->Library->Properties->General->Set launch options enter -FastLaunch and all logos will be skipped (25 second faster startup). This is also possible for MS store. Solution is somewhere on net.

`Wher’s ANY KEY located? I have US keyboard layout…