Uses less GPU and CPU in menu

The sim uses much less CPU and GPU in the menu after the patch. At lease my system. Can anyone else confirm?

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no in flight not, same gpu/cpu values as before… but 5 FPS more…

but haven’t tested on loading an start screen

I was having issues so reset my program which has me re-downloading all the 90GB update content. While sat there with a steady image on the screen my GPU fan was flat out and GPU was at 64 degrees C.

I didn’t fancy that load for 12 hours so paused the downloads, restarted the PC and FS, it forced me to install the update and now the fan is running at approx 90% and GPU is 59 degrees instead of 64 before update. So yes slight improvement on this inexplicable thing.

Never seen anything like this.

Yea, I’m at 49% usage (in the menu, haven’t tested a flight) instead of like 80-90% before. Glad to see it.

I9-10900K with RTX 2080 TI with Ultimate set. 5120x1440.
In flight:
Before the update to, it was 22-25% CPU, 100% GPU
After the Update: 22-28% CPU, 70-80% GPU