UTC time much slower than the actual time


Oh that’s not the issue usually 60-100. (Freesync is a wonderful thing on Series X). At this point I’m just contributing it to a bug in game or with the servers. I am in the beta.

I have had the same issue since it updated the other day, usually runs perfectly on XBSX, now the UTC keeps slowing out of sync from real time. Really annoying! Tried scaling down on my graphics and online functions but nothing fixed it. Also tried sim rate adjustments which fix it for like 20 seconds and then it slows down again.

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It’s still doing it after yesterday’s update for me.

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Still having issues, tried everything except re-downloading the sim. Over the course of a 3 hour flight, utc time lags behind by around 30 mins.

Did anyone end up finding out a solution to this problem? I’m on Xbox series X and this bug is definitely not anything to do with sim rate.

This bug arrived on its own a few months ago and neither sim update 11 or 12 fixed it…

…in the sim, every minute is lagging anywhere between about 4-20 seconds SLOWER than real life minutes. I’ve done extensive timing… and no, I have NO mods.

I’ve found the problem is the worst on the default 747-8.

I literally can’t do long haul flights anymore because the timing of arrivals ends up way off, breaks the immersion, and quite often flights can end up whole hours longer than expected.

So is Asobo aware of this? And did anyone who previously commented find a solution?

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Yep, it is related to the framerate: with 120Hz (HDMI 2.1, Dolby Vision, LG TV) the clock in the cockpit is late about 8 mins per hour compared to a radio controlled digital clock. Switching to 60Hz leaves me with about 1…2 mins per hour difference.

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Still weird… I also use 120Hz HMDI 2.1, Sony HDR TV, and the clock in the cockpit is running at real time for me, no time dilation at all.

Same issue for me on xbox series x. Like one of the previous posts, this started a few months back. I have not changed anything setting wise. The time lags differently from day to day. The biggest problem for me really is that i fly with a friend all of the time and we will be in the exact same plane, and i cant keep up with him even if i fly faster. Very frustrating. On a side note, i do use 120hz hdr, with an LG oled tv so maybe that feature has something to do with it…??? Thinking about the timing of when this started, it was within a week or so when they were having that live weather update issue. I can probably go back into my flight log to get closer specifc dates as i remember the flight i was on when i first noticed the issue.

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I have this problem but it’s not just clock running slow the whole sim is running slowly. For example I won’t get a 2000ft a min climb that I set , after a real minute of time I am 200ft short. It takes less nger to take off. The reason you don’t,r realise it’s happening is because otherwise everything seems smooth. It’s just that everything together is happeneing more slowly than it should and you are not traveling over the ground as fast as you should. Flights take longer longer. I have found that it’s exactly 4seconds slow or 8 seconds slow per realtime minute. It’s never 5 or 7 only ever 4 or 8 seconds.

Now I need to keep testing but one variable that has remained a constant is , it never happens in my 3rd party aircraft VisionJet, like never. Get in the TBM or CJ4 and it often happens.

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Forgot to say I am running HDMI 2.1 OLED VRR and Freesync on. I am going to turn that off and see if it makes any difference.

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I came across a YouTube video recently talking about how your PC hardware can affect you in racing games. It was specifically about Forza, of which I’ve never played. They were showing that the slower the hardware, the more out of sync the in game timer would become. In their example, every real 60 seconds was 59.8 seconds on the in game timer, losing 0.2 seconds every minute. They said the actual cause is still unknown.

That’s as far as I got in the video because I don’t care about racing. It was just some random YT recommendation. No idea if it has any relation with losing time in MSFS. I haven’t personally experienced that.

I know exactly what you mean. I also measured 10 seconds sim-time = 14 seconds real time.
Try disabling freesync and/or changing screen/TV frequency to 60hz. This might do the trick.

I’m also experiencing this issue (or similar) on the Xbox Series X. I feel the UTC element is not the actual issue - I think the sim itself is just running slow and struggling to keep up with real time. I’ve personally only really noticed this with the ATR recently but going to check with other planes.

Very frustrating really, and quite a big immersion killer for me. Not as fun trying to fly these planes in slow motion :rofl:

Worth noting there is a similar post about this here but I think it’s most appropriate in this sub-forum

Also this is an Xbox only issue for me (also use PC too but seems fine)

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Samer can you try C172. I get no issues with that aircraft but soon as I repeat same flight with TBM I get slow SIM rate. Go back to main menu, start again se flight but with C172 no issues.

Hi, yep with some of the more basic planes I’m OK. I think it’s probably some of the more resource intensive aircraft (ones with FMS etc) where it seems to slow down. And also on longer flights - usually a quick circuit even in the ATR is OK

Have done a few ATR flights since the update though and so far I haven’t noticed it as much. I can try the TBM this evening

I almost wonder if this is a low-level problem like time spent during V-sync delays not counting towards the simulation updates in the next frame. This would essentially mean a portion of time after each frame would not be accounted for in the simulation, so time would pass slower, the plane would move slower, etc than expected.

If this is the case, then people using variable refresh rate or high refresh rate displays might be less likely to encounter it, or have a smaller slowdown, than those using V-sync on fixed 60 Hz etc displays.

That would seem to make sense in this situation. What is the most frustrating, is that it wasn’t always the case. Some update changed this and it has yet to be reversed. All of the above statement seem to be true. Some planes are affected more than others. What is interesting is my 3rd party kodiak 100 is very detailed but is one of my least affected planes. The new ATR is one of my most affected. I am 10 minutes behind within 30 mintues of load in. Good news, is playing solo, isn’t as bad, but when part of a group it really is a bummer!!!

It reduces the time lag but doesn’t solve it completely.

You might be onto something here. I have changed the setting on the Xbox to only use 60fps and I am having way less slow downs.

The next nightmare is to figure out why it is that my FMS flight plans go haywire, won’t load in approach correctly when flying into LFPB France.

So fed up am I with troubleshooting I have decided to just fly on USA. All seems to work fine there.

I purchased an Airport of marketplace (EGBB) , boom approaches would not work at all i.e you could not load in proceedures. Sure enough I find out that with 3rd party airports there is something about custom ILS etc .

Seriously I give up, certainly not buying anymore stuff, it’s all too difficult.

LFPB came with the France City Update so I assume they broke that as well so now I cannot get the G3000 to display and follow an approach.

USA is nice LOL

Oh I forgot to say. This slow SIM rate thing started after Avionics Update 1. I wonder if the different aircraft are affected depending on the avionics they use???

Just a thought.