Vanilla plus one mod. Your choice

I wonder that if you were limited to a plain vanilla MSFS installation and could only choose one mod to go with it, one that made a massive difference to your everyday experience, what might it be? I am not thinking of aircraft particularly here and this is a subject that will run elsewhere for eternity anyway.

For me, it would be the TDS GTN750XI. The beating heart of every aircraft that you added it to. I would be torn to choose a second mod as I am sure a lot of you might be, so let us keep it to ONE mod for your answer please.

I suppose both LNM and to some extent Navigraph might be classed as standalone products, but they deserve mentioning (and applauding)

Hi Magic :wink:
For me, it would be the 4 Seasons. It’s a subtle difference but I couldn’t go back to simple green trees now for the low flying I like to do. Tough to choose just 1. The Powerlines and Solar Farms is also important but it’s not in every country/continent (yet).


My choice will be this.
Makes airports alive.


HaHa! That gave me a smile. It was precisely to keep it away from your own thread, which I love and would never want to dilute, that I thought that this one, with a slightly different emphasis maybe, would be best elsewhere. Keep up the good work there, it is an excellent resource.

Whoops sorry about that. I’ve edited my post to remove the link :wink:

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Noooo! My mistake! On re reading, I misinterpreted for which I apologise. Dont change anything, please.

Nah it’s ok. I thought maybe you didn’t see that other one. I tried searching if you had posted there but couldn’t figure out how.

You should keep a tally - see if it ends up with a different leader :slight_smile:

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Sadly, time and expertise are beyond me :slight_smile:

Bijan Seasons.


Probably something simple like seasons or airport textures. Unless you could wrap every release/version of Global shipping into one mod. Really sucks to head out over Miami and see nothing but a clear blue slate texture.

OR for aircraft if they had modeled the Caravan with better flight dynamics and floats, a hole so large in the base sim the light can not escape from it.

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Sorry but I don´t play vanilla. Either highest-quality study-level airplanes, or vanilla? - No flight simulation at all.

One mod is not enough because I need airliners from PMDG + sometimes (especially on weekends) awesome GA planes like the FlySimware Cessna Chancellor. :smiley:

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Bijan Seasons all day long.


WT G1000 NXi


Easy. Bijan’s Seasons makes the most beneficial changes.

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Without a doubt! :slight_smile: Is the stock (vanilla) unit fixed yet so we can select “Track up” rather than the worthless (IMO) “North Up”?

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Easy… :slight_smile:


Bijan, easily


I would also 100% agree with Bijan. Quite an essential add-on.

In case anyone new is reading this forum thread and going “Bijan? Why is everyone saying that? What is that?” Here you go:


This is going well and I complement you all on your choices so far. The idea of the thread is to make people think about what they find important and what they love, so for those that dip in to the mod world occasionally, they themselves might get a light bulb moment and try something that they had not thought of or at least something different. Keep it up folks :slight_smile:

Having the Fenix PMDG A720 installed is always a good choice! :smiley: