VASI / PAPI too difficult to see in daylight conditions

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I’ve noticed that it’s very difficult to see the VASI or PAPI lights while on approach to landing in daylight conditions, even when VFR with severe clear.

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Watch this video from 11:00 or so, there is a PAPI on the left-hand side of the runway. You can’t see it at all until you’re basically on the ground.

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It seems to be very difficult, especially in some weather conditions or glare, to see the PAPI lights in the daytime. Could they be intensified, or better still:

Have a few sliding controls so the user can adjust brightness. Same could be said for Runway and HIAL sets too. It would be really good to be able to change intensity of all of these.


Yes, i am with you … +1


As a former ATCO, the recommended lighting brilliance settings in daylight at most airfields, were high to full PAPI brilliance, runway lights off. As night fell the runway and taxiway lights were switched on of course and the PAPI brilliance reduced. The PAPI units are high intensity, while most runway lights have a low intensity omnidirectional (all around) brilliance with a bi directional high intensity component in line with the runway direction. This makes the runways more difficult to see at night until you enter the high intensity area in line with the centreline. Anyway I agree the PAPI lights should be brighter.


I agree with you!

thanks for that. Yes, ideal to be able to adapt these to your own liking… hopefully we may get it VOTED UP to get a good outcome.

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I’m kind of surprised this thread hasn’t had more votes. I would be happy to be able to mod the PAPI brilliance in a config file. It would be great If the PAI/VASI lights matched the rotating beacon brilliance. Also as a note I’m certain these lights had more brilliance on the initial sim release and then have been dialled back to low intensity since.

indeed. I just hope the suggestion to have a lights slider doesn’t get lost in the ether!!!
if you did a mod, I’d like to be able to map it to X-Touch rotary knobs…

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day time is 3 km, and night is 10 km. start w doubling whatever light is there. I too have not seen them till near the numbers. thx.

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do we have now brighter PAPI lights or not ?
I am not sure if they change anything there or not, because the PAPI at Day are still a way too dark !

Has anyone found a way to increase PAPI brightness during the daytime?

Searching the topic, it’s come up before. They’re just so hard to see during the day, at least compared to real world (where I have found them hard to miss…)

For me it might be exacerbated by my VR headset.

I have the same issue (not VR) and compared to real world the PAPI are barely visible until on very short final, in the real world as I’m sure a lot of you all know, they’re far more visible from far enough out on final!

Completely agree, actually I searched google for this issue and found this thread. PAPI lights are unusable as far as I’m concerned. I wish I could vote but for some reason (may be bc I just created my account) I can’t.

I agree as well.

You are right in the real world they are far more visible, and I have been flying for more than twenty years. Also, the bloom is too drastic. In real life in the brightest of days you can see the instruments much clearer than on the sim.

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

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The Papis are only visible until on very short final. That is not normal. On the Airlines we see the PAPI lights much farther than that.

Hi, any news or any solution recommendation on this issue.? It’s really frustrating that even after minimums callout I can hardly see the PAPIs. Any recommmendation will be appreciated.

Yes, the Lights should be brighter, but there is a physical/technical reason why they cannot be realistically brighter on a Computer Monitor or TV.

When the lights only take a few pixels, even if they all are at full RGB (white) ON, they can only appear so bright,

To make them “appear” brighter, on would have include more lit Pixels – ie make them artificially BIGGER, at long to medium ranges, to compensate.

ref Monitor’s light dynamic range and Max “Nits” Brightness.

You can only get slightly more apparent brightness, but buying a much more expensive monitor !

The other flight sim had a mod to do exactly this, make the PAPI take more pixels at long range. Seemed like a good idea and didn’t have any downsides.

The same size increase could also be applied to Aircraft that are some distance away,
They are far more visible in RL, but since they only occupy a few pixels on the screen, they are far more difficult to see.

Maybe user configurable on a slider ?