VATSIM / IVAO / LNM etc ALL need their SimConnect injected aircraft to show labels

Asobo: Please can you add the ability for injected SimConnect aircraft show labels.

At the moment, injected SimConnect aircraft do NOT show labels, so any Injected Plane is very hard to spot when flying … compared with the non-injected Aircraft.

Hopefully, adding this Label ability, that is already available for non-injected Aircraft, is not a major development task, and was probably just an oversight .

The lack of these labels is a particular issue, with Apps that inject or read by Simconnect aircraft, in MSFS, ie Vatsim / IVAO / LNM . / JoinFS

“In FSX, SimConnect aircraft had Labels. Can we have them in MSFS 2020 please”

3/10/2021 Q&A. Asobo state they do not know this is an issue !!

3/1/2023 This is still an issue

3/1/2024 This is still an issue

3/1/2025 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Do you mean live traffic? If so I see those all the time, but sometimes they don’t have a label. It may be a distance thing? I often see them while taxiing around, or on approach. When at altitude, far above me, I can see their lights, but no label.

Because of the relatively limited number of aircraft models these are often shown to me as “GEN”, and have a real looking registration, as opposed to “Bigboi21” or some such.

I never use AI, just Live, and I’ve confirmed them against what LNM sees.

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No, I mean Injected Aircraft , injected by Simconnect.

In MSFS (as in FSX & P3D), it is possible to inject aircraft into a players session, via Simconnect.

This has many uses, ad was used a lot in FSX & P3D, but so far, only a limited number of MSFS addon tools are using this.

One, however, in particular, that uses this is a Program called JoinFS.

JoinFS is a Peer-peer networking program, that allows Players with MSFS, FSX, P3D & XP to all fly in the same session, where everyone can see everyone’s else plane.

Like you can on Vatsim, (and Poscon ?) but without the official ATC and ATC rules, and with the ability to be on a Global network, or to created your own mini-network, just for your own friends or a group.

(Also. because is is peer-to-peer, [ Not Client-Server like Vatsim ] the latency is a lot less == you do not see other planes jitter, and you can, if you want, fly successfully in close formation)

You see the other aircraft in your session, on your PC, and they have labels, like in MSFS, so you can see where they are, if more than 1 mile away.

The labels work in all the other Simulators, EXCEPT MSFS, because currently MSFS does not support (via Simconnect), the ability to turn on Aircraft labels for aircraft INJECTED into MSFS by Simconnect.

While JoinFS is primarily for injecting Aircraft into a players Flight Sim, it has extended potential to be able to inject any AI object, which in the future will open up a while new world of possibilities !!

ie One player could inject a “Downed aircraft” into the session, and everyone else has to fly and find it, or one player could inject a Plane into the session, flying on a Recorded route, or a whole fleet of planes flying – the possibilities are endless !@!

But for the time being, for Aircarft, it works great … all Players on any of the above mentioned sims, can fly together, in a Casual, not Strict Vatsim environment (although there is no reason anyone in that group, could not also connect & fly on Vatsim at the same time.

But Currently, the major issue with JoinFS, is that MSFS is the only sim that does not allow the display of the Aircraft Labels of those "Injected other sim aircraft " -

Hence the request to Asobo to allow those Labels to be displayed, just as they are in all the other Sims, including FSX, from which MSFS was evolved.

Check out JoinFS … if you like Multiplayer, and flying with others, it a GAME CHANGER to include other Flight Sims !!


Yes, LNM can also see the JoinFS aircraft, and will display the Injected Aircraft labels, because it is NOT MSFS, with the Injected aircraft label limitation.

So, YES, you can use LNM, as a TCAS system, and see the other Injected aircraft – BUT - although not REAL WORLD, it would be nice to see them from the cockpit with their labels if they are more than 1 mile away.

BTW. Big SHOUT OUT to the LNM Developer … sure one of the best addon Apps that supports MSFS !!

Little Nav Map

Little Navmap is a free open source flight planner, navigation tool, moving map, airport search and airport information system for Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane and is available for Windows, Apple macOS and Linux.


I’ve not used that program before. I’ll have to take a look. I voted also, as that seems an important part of the experience.


I agree with @N6722C
This is a needed feature.
Other multiplayer systems such as VATSIM would benefit from this as well. I have talked to both developers and they are at a stand still until MSFS/Asobo does something. Please vote to get their attention!


I also agree with @N6722C
A very needed feature.


maybe you can talk to your Vatsim Developer contact, and see if they can request this form Asobo as well. Supporting Vatsim must have a much higher priority, than a low vote count request from this forum …

It was actually the 1st question I asked the Vpilot dveloper, when it was first released for MSFS… labels on Targets – and of course the response was that the SDK did not currently support that :frowning:

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The VATSIM developer for MSFS is the Vpilot developer I talked to, that almost for sure you did too. The answer was the same. He also said he was not going to ask for it, at least not at that time. Maybe later type of thing. Using the voting system is likely the best way, and is what the support zendesk mentioned to me when I put in a ticket as well.

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And maybe now, too busy with PosCon development :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

but PosCon will need it as well !!!


I can see if I can get a hold of the PosCon guys.

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I think I can understand why the vatsim developer for MSFS/Vpilot developer said that he (as you say) said he was not going to ask for it. Those huge “callsigns” like “RIVERRATJUNKY” all over your screen would not be helpful on vatsim controlling. Part of the vatsim process is to have approved callsigns like ASA114 or AAL2053 or CF-HRL or N12392 etc. So I see no vatsim enhancement but I don’t discount your ideas that would help in your cases.


I also agree that the new sim should provide similar features that are common to FSX/FSX-SE/P3D/XP in that aircraft labels have been part of the scene for many years. Using the XBox labels is not what I would call an ideal solution. Using Tail Number is what we are used to.

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I would assume the VPilot would display the Plane’s CALLSIGN.

Remember, it is NOT the MSFS Multiplayer system, which does show the X-Box game tag.

VPilot is INJECTING aircraft into the session, and it Knows the callsign, (Vatsim callsign), so it would, be a label with that Callsign/Tail Number that would be presented.

In fact, you should NOT connect to MSFS Multiplayer, when on Vatsim … or you will see MSFS planes as Double Planes !!

If you start using obscene Tail Numbers in Vatsim, you Vatsim career will be short lived.


That would NOT be the case …

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ok, so much I don’t understand. It was a thought I had.

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A Big Plus for us Multi-Player Groups with JoinFS; although most of us have MS2020, our group sticks with P3D & FSX for our weekly group gatherings.

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Not having labels injected into MSFS is one of the biggest drawbacks to making it the main used sim of choice. How hard can it be?


As a frequent multiplayer flyer I agree, this is a very needed feature.

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Easy to do, easy to Forget to do as well, it would seem !!

What amazes me (or maybe it does not !), is that after all the pre-release Beta testing, and all the Hype about working with organization like Vatsim, we are now looking at masses of Visual Eye Candy, that is bringing our sims to a crawl , but yet, the basics, like Labels for AI Injected sim objects are missing and not addressed ( and gets little mention or attention).

(Not to mention Planes that STILL do not fly realistically , and Cockpit Instruments that just do not work !)

Certainly is looking more like a game than a Simulator to me , no matter what others may claim.

Passes the DUCK Test as a GAME (Duck test - Wikipedia) :frowning:

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.