Vatsim not injecting traffic in msfs 2020

I have “multiplayer” on group only and have “air traffic” off.
I have “multiplayer” on in " option" “general” .
Still can’t see any vatsim traffic at airport or in the “VFR map”.
Have latest vpilot V. 2.6.10 install and working.

Any ideas why?
Thanks in advance.

Did you install any vatsim modelmatching?

You should turn off both multiplayer and traffic. vPilot injects the VATSIM traffic, you do not want any other traffic in this case.

It should work out of the box, the settings on vPilot can be found here (of course it should say MSFS not P3D):

There are ways to get better model matching and matching liveries and stuff but maybe first try to make it run with the default settings.

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No I didn’t. Not sure how this work.
Plus the “rescan” in vpilot is grey out with MSFS.
Got it to work. Is there a way to see traffic on the “VFR map”?

You can’t see vatsim traffic on the VFR map. There is a mod that allows you to have an extra map in the toolbar which shows IVAO and Vatsim traffic. (Couldn’t find the link sorry.)

You don’t see other players’ planes on the VFR map, your plane’s MFD, etc. Ever. Only AI planes are shown via the API through SimConnect.

You need an external 3rd party tool for that. I believe Little NavMap has the ability to display other players’ planes for use with Vatsim. You need to configure it for that specifically so it polls that data from the Vatsim network vs trying to get the data from MSFS.

please set no ai and multiplayer traffic and set ground aircrafts to zero.
You can reset the default model in vPilot and update your vPilot (if you didn’t done it yet)
You can also use britshavgeek and mrmercury model matching. Its quiet nice

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