VDGS is missing

Hello everyone!

I am Andorsix and I am currently creating the Barcelona airport, I would like to launch a proposal to Asobo to implement the VDGS system(Visual Dock Guidance System), because in Barcelona it is used, obviously they are used in more airports, so it would be good to create a sample of the VDGS, such as the jetways. There are some small problems that I would like to solve, for example, there are VDGS that show the ICAO code of the aircraft (A20N, 748i, etc …), for that it would be good to add a line of code in the file ‘’ aircraft.cfg ‘’ to assign that information that will be sent to the airport’s VDGS. On the other hand, to have a little more realism, it would be nice if a triger was added so that a single VDGS shows the ICAO information and not all the VDGS of the airport.

I hope you support this discussion, because it is a tool widely used in airports and it would also help us in the simulator when we park.

On the other hand, I hope everything is clearly understood, I am not good at English.

Thank you!


Hi @OoTanPanchooO,
I don’t know if you have seen this in the wishlist, if not, you may want to cast your vote:

The wishlist area of the forum, #self-service:wishlist is for requesting or changing features in MSFS.

You can also submit feedback and feature requests through Zendesk:

Hey, if you finished your product. Where can I buy it? Or how is the name of it? Is it in the marketplace? I would love to buy it if it has working VDGS😝

We are about to release a Mallorca airport scenery that includes the VDGS. It will be soon available with JustFlight!

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