Visual Docking Guidance Systems

A simple thing to help parking into stands.
It can be built into the sim and rolled out easily just to all airports and stands that have gates.

We should vote on this… It is an important feature that is not supported in the SDK at the moment and a lot scenery developers are waiting for Asobo to give them a solution…

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Does anybody know, if the VGDS ist yet planned / timed for developement? Strange, that this basic feature is still not there…

I asked during the Q&A if they have it in the pipeline and Jorg and the other developers were not even aware of it… Jorg said we should put it in the feedback snapshot and that’s why we should try to vote this up…

oh ha, that´s really strange - VGDS is basic… I post a topic on the aerosoft forum, hope this brings this theme some votes :wink:

Some 3rd party developers already said they will add VDGS to their airports as soon as it is supported by the SDK. I would assume these devs already made Asobo aware of it. I hope, atleast…

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I asumed this as well, but after the post of HooTheMan5636 better we care for some more votes… :white_check_mark:


i did my part :ok_hand:

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While marshallers are good at smaller airfields and airports, some airports are use AGS (Automatic gate guidance systems) as a real world pilot I prefer these systems for larger aircraft.

I think it was UK2000 team that brought them out for fsx and fs2004 a number of years ago.

The reason I suggest these is because of where Marshalls stand in relation to the A32nx, 787,and 747-800 they are not visible over the glareshield from a natural seated position.

The SDK is very limited at the moment regarding assets. Hopefully they will add more options eventually.

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Hi, please created the VDGS

Are you asking me to do this?

Safegates (VDGS) are a very, very impotant issue for MSFS: Asobo please go for this!

Take care!



Aersosoft tells under every new Airport " Note: Functional Safegates (VDGS) will be integrated as soon as there is a reliable technical solution by the MSFS SDK." - and we need to make the developers aware of this :flushed:
Crazy, but lets push this topic onwards :nose:

Just voted.
Working VDGS would be much appreciated

Good idea Voted

These systems range from simple Azimuth Guidance for Nose-In Stand to very complex Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems.

I’d like to see a range of system types available in the sim. This enables “installation” of a type that’s appropriate to the airport and measurement system of the country.

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Keep this alive, vote!!
I would love a VDGS to use!