Vegetation Draw Distance Fix

It’s amazing that within hours of the actual author releasing the files, it spreads like wild fire starting at this forum with everybody and their dog taking credit for it whether it be reverse engineered, hacked up or not. But nobody and I do mean nobody has said what the problem was in the first place. There are only 2 people who know the answer to this question. Why was the LOD so bad in the first place? Despite my rhetoric, this fix is amazing any way you steal, slice, hack or claim it to be you own. This is the best update this sim has ever had thanks to one person. The other pilot…

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The latest version 1.7 adds increased draw distance for ALL trees, bushes and palms PLUS fixes some too tall trees and jungle palms a bit shorter.

Special thanks to WeptBurrito2749, being a big part of the final solution for this workaround!

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Any chance you could upload this to as well? No offense but that website seems kinda sketchy…

i thought game didnt have palm trees lol

Can’t choose between fix and one… I can’t see any difference :rofl: (But both are awesome)

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I use the one and what will you say, if it looks like this in Glacier-Park :wink:

Here’s what this looks like in real life - from a drone - a bit further back on that canyon your photo was taken at:

Using the one solely because its on lol

Why don’t you also thank the original author of the tree lod fix. After all, with out his work we’d all still be flying bald prairie.


I love those compares, great picture too :+1:

Yes this is not a good move at all and the author shouldn’t have done that. Obviously against the rules. But for just one moment can we step back for a moment and take a look at the bigger picture. I can’t remember ever a time in MSFS, FSX or any versions history of a fix being this so dramatic ever, both in terms of graphical enhancement but also in what appears to be a unhealthy environment in which it is now residing.

I saw this whole thing go down and so if you wish to continue reading I’d like to share it. The fix was released by the org author, with in only hours of it being released, due to no copy protection on the org files, this was quickly grabbed hacked and modified and with the new owners quickly taking credit for it and are now disturbing it for free or so it appears.

The single greatest update to MSFS in history? Maybe, but it’s right up there, the author is treated horribly in this forum in all aspects, his work is stolen. I think it is troubling what many have done to this man, money or no money. It’s kind of reminds me of Galileo when he told the Vatican the sun does not revolve around the earth. Needless to say the Vatican didn’t like that. As for being unhealthy, it’s my opinion, questionable modified files and now being freely disturbed on this forum. And with that said, this whole drama will end probably as soon as I’m done writing this. It’s a wonderful fix no matter where you get it and we can thank the org author for that. I’m certain the team will improve on it and all this drama will just fade away. But what a drama this has been, awesome to follow as we make history.

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Sure, only one guy can find a fix for this issue. If others release a mod, it surely is stolen. Sure, sure…

Actually what happened, heard from grape vine, is that many people have found the fix but aren’t posting for the community. But when other guy, selling, was obnoxious when he said" why would i work for free", others said " screw that" I will share “.
You would be naive to think that dozens of folks haven’t sucessfully tinkered with changing values on the files. Many just aren’t into making"mods” about it.


Let’s keep this topic on topic and refrain from discussing further what contributions others are prepared to make to the community, free or otherwise.


whats difference with 1.7 fix version and 1.0?

Same, no free lunch here

the flightsimulator blog one has edited tree sizes as well. I prefer the one tho; it’s closer to 1.0 of the other mod

Ah, so you show up here after your topic was deleted, trying to advertise your paid mod, while talking behind backs of other, more competent modders. Typical.

Unless you have undeniable proof, yes.

It isn’t rocket science. The other guys just didn’t bother to share their own fixes because there was already one, for free.

Awesome MOD, whoever the autor is!

Edit: Using the version 1.7 from blog.

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