Version 1.29.30 has completely destroyed my simulator

No problems here…… :roll_eyes:

Did you restart you computer after the update?

You’re not alone:

For me personally, the FPS is fine but the stutters are just terrible. So much so that I have hardly flown since SU11 at all. The little pauses, stutters and occasional 1-2 second freezes have destroyed any sense of enjoyment I get from flying.

Same here. Stuttering since yesterday. Another game breaking mandatory update I can’t roll back, thanks.


They are simply incapable of mastering the stuttering which progresses with each update even with powerfull equipment and they will never manage to do so.before the SU10 I was shooting with a TLOD of 150 without any stuttering so something must have been and in the end it’s no use complaining and reporting bugs since they don’t fix them I would be very curious to see what are the bugs that are really fixed with each update of the sim I said in a previous comment that I don’t care to have new planes that are useless to me but that the important thing was the stability and the fluidity of the sim for me they do not know how to correct the degradations they have created and for a sim over 100 dollars it’s serious
when you see that the latest generation processors and high-end graphics cards do not last the distance there are really questions to ask
For me the sim is not unplayable but getting 2 or 3 lags while taxiing and a 2 or 3 second freeze on final approach is simply unacceptable

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Every update has release notes.
For example: Release Notes [] Available Now

I can’t really provide a solution to your problem, but what picked my attention is your RAM.

You have 3x 8GB I guess. 2400mhz is also veeery slow. Sweetspot for Ryzen 7000 is DDR-5 6000mhz.

Do you have XMP activated in your Bios. Have you tried only two RAM slots? Or adding another 8GB Stick to get 32GB?

I guess you giving away lots of performance there with your otherwise powerfull system.

To at least try to add a solution here:
Please empty your community folder and try again, as you stated you didn’t try without clearing it.


With 3 sims dual channel is not working and that cost you a lot off performance.
Suggest 2x 16Gb or 4x 8Gb sim.


How selfish is that? I’m pretty sure there are plenty of grateful users around who can’t afford decent 3rd party aircraft’s.

Ryzen 7000 is ddr5 only so something not right in those specs

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Nothing selfish I fly with a free plane (a320 FBW) my point is to say that I am more sensitive to the stability of the sim than to addons
look at most of the posts refer to these difficulties of FPS or freezing or stuttering over the new versions this should put the flea in the ear of the developers anyway right?

apologies chaps I have ryzen 5 5600x. the numbers confused me. still doesnt change the fact that my performance was fine and now has been trashed.

Yesterday I made a flight from MMMX to KSAT with the Cessna mustang 510. While taxing to take off I noticed stuttering but I thought it was due to ai traffic (I had live traffic enabled with AIG models). The flight was quite good with no issues but during the approaching and landing I had so many stutters and freezes that my landing was so bad and horrible that I rolled out of the runway and this is very hard to do it when you land a small plane in a huge runway like 13R in KSAT :neutral_face:

5 minutes ago I made a small flight with the default DA40 without ai traffic. OMG, stutters and lags all the time!!! :scream: :fearful:

Before the 1.29.30 update the sim was runnung fantastic. Now the performance its horrible.

Asobo, please fix the issue.


Flew last evening, graphics set to medium everything. No stutters, but PMDG 737 pitches up/down, and has been reported to them, not sure it’s sim or plane. Otherwise no issues. Suspect some PC do not like this sim or code. Happy flying.

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

I have the same issue, after installing 1.29.30 the game is totally unplayable due to heavy stuttering. Before the update it was running smoothly

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

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Have been in/out of game all day (mostly), no issues. I think it’s time to divide into Intel and AMD camp here to see if it is specific to a HW platform. I am all Intel/MS/Nvidia, others chime in, think it will show up as AMD issue possibly, and maybe specific to a certain CPU/GPU combo.

With my AMD Motherboard/CPU (5800x3d) and Nvidia GPU (3060ti) no problems.
Smooth flight and performance 45/50 fps ground, 60/65 fps in Air with PMDG 737.

CTD after pressing “Fly” mid load it freezes. Sim is unusable since SU11. And that white dot destroys the immersion of the sim too

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MSFS works well for most users and also on my PC.
It can be a hardware configuration problem or a corrupt MSFS installation.

Guess again. i7-11700KF, 32GB DDR4-3600, RTX3070. Stutters, stutters and more stutters.

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